Saskatchewan in BC

family june 2018

Left to right: Joan, Karen, our niece Kaity, Dad, me, and Cameron (Kaity’s dad — well, one of them; her birth dad). Honestly, if this group isn’t a matching set, who is?!

Not long after Joan arrived at Dad’s on Wednesday, our first day in Kelowna, our “new” niece got there. We swarmed her, but she didn’t seem to mind.

She and her beau stayed till Sunday so we got lots of time together. Kaity is a smart, sweet and funny young woman — what’s not to love! It was heartwarming to see the similarities between the wit of the father and daughter, and how proud he is of her.

If only Mom could have been there! I have to believe she was there in spirit, and very happy for her “boy.”

Next, Kaity will meet her cousins. She’ll fit right in. They’re all around the same age and will have more than a few interests in common.

We four girls went out for lunch one day at the El Dorado and sat out on a deck next to Lake Okanagan. Our waiter, when I asked about her accent, said she came from Australia. When she asked where we were from and we said Saskatchewan, her reaction was loud and long. “SQWEEEEEEEEE!”

Talk about excited. She was bubbling over.

“My friends ask me why I want to live in Canada. I tell them it’s because Canadians are the nicest people I’ve ever met anywhere I’ve been. But last summer I went to Saskatchewan and the people are even nicer! You guys! I want to move there. Honestly, so friendly!”

Always nice to be appreciated. Joan paid for lunch; I wonder if she tipped larger than usual? Heh.


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