There and Back Again


Karen needed some stained-glass supplies so we stopped at Prairie Glass in Humboldt on our way to Saskatoon the day before flying to Kelowna. The lady behind Karen happened to have recently moved away from Margo and had driven to Humboldt because, she says, this is the best stained-glass place around, with the most knowledgeable staff and the most supplies.

It was about 10 o’clock last night when I arrived back at our yard after a week of family visits in Kelowna.

I’m spending the day unpacking, doing laundry, washing dishes, tidying the house, admiring my flowers, and a variety of other small errands. Tomorrow morning my ass will be in this chair, working.

What a difference a week has made to the perennial bed! Thrilling.

Dad picked us up at the Kelowna airport and we went to his place and ducked into a side room when Joan came over a half-hour later. She walked in the door, we leapt out (singing of course like Broadway stars) and she screamed! It was a perfect surprise.

She’s had so many surprises lately, she says, she was beginning to be nervous. What would be next! Maybe her heart couldn’t take it! Her hubby had planned two weeks in Italy for her birthday and their anniversary — it was only kind of a surprise, because she needed to be aware; while there he presented her with a diamond ring (to replace the engagement ring she’d lost), designed by him and a friend of Joan’s who’s a jewellry maker; and before they left Kelowna he arranged for three of her good friends to go with her to a Pink concert in Kelowna. It’s good to see her being “spoiled,” because she’ll never be rotten no matter what.


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