DSCF9616 Another $1 purchase. Something I didn’t know we needed until I saw it on that garage sale table. Now it lays, folded up, on a shelf in the office. It’s not even a foot long, and would be right for paperbacks, maybe, or … I don’t know. It’s not wide enough for magazines (nor do we have many). Hm. No, not yarn; I don’t knit or crochet. What do you think it’s meant for in the first place, if anything specific?

But when I need it,
there it will be,
cute as a button,
waiting for me.

Karen and I are on our way home. We caught our plane at 11 a.m. and will land in Saskatoon this afternoon, then drive two hours.

I also have a nifty-o-keen picnic basket that I don’t think we’ve ever used. But maybe someday. Trouble is, no basement storage; no storage on the main floor either, to speak of. I must become expert at fitting one thing into or under another, to make everything fit. And I’m not too bad at it.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday: THE WEE BASKET

  1. I own baskets of every shape and size because we don’t have enough cupboards. I love having them, none of which matches another. However, because every second weekend we have to make the living area over into a bedroom for three, they’re always on the move. Nonetheless, I would rather have them than shelves, as we already have no place left on any of the walls. I am not known to anyone as a minimalist.

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  2. I had one of those. For years. Useless dustcatcher. Finally tossed. If you ever find a DAILY use please let me know. Lol.


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