DSCF9610 (2) It had been raining hard earlier in the day, and I remarked to Emil that I was sure glad we had this nice big window to look through while we sat at the table.

“I like the green,” he said. A man after my own heart, that one.

Emil phones me every Thursday night unless he’s got another engagement. When I told him I’d be away for a week, he wondered if he should call me in Kelowna.

I don’t phone people when they’re on a holiday. I figure leave them alone, they’re trying to get away from it all! So I told him don’t call; phone your dad instead, or phone Scott, or your brother.

“But will you miss me when you’re gone?” he wondered.

If I said yes, he’d say (as he has many times) “I don’t miss you.”

I won’t, I said. Sometimes I don’t see you for two weeks, and that’s when I’m home; one week is nothing.

But, I thought, I’ll try to remember to phone him on Thursday night. Just because he’ll be surprised and probably pleased.


Just finished his three o’clock snack

Emil will be 30 this month. Best thing I ever made, this boy.

Lorna, Birdie: Too late. Clown shoes went into the garbage.


3 thoughts on “Monday: OH BUT THE GREEN

  1. That green is beautiful, reminds me of Ireland. Here the green is more skittish but can surprise us now and again. I love hearing about your boys :)


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  2. I was stricken by the green too, even though I can see equally green grass through my front windows. Hmmm, it’s strange to have said “front” windows. All the windows in our relatively small condo face “front”, and as I think I’ve told you, we have a great view of southern Gatineau in the distance, and the Canadian Firefighters’ Memorial wall and park about 20 feet away.

    And yes, I agree with Birdie about creating and growing spectacular humans. It is amazing and proudful and leaves me grateful and gobsmacked all in one.

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