DSCF9592 I do not like wearing faded jeans. Faded colours, period.

Nor do I enjoy shopping, particularly when it means trying on clothes.

It must be about four years now since I was in Kelowna at Joan’s and we went to a mall. At The Gap I found jeans that fit so bought two pairs and they’ve held up beautifully — I wash in cold water and hang to dry — but they’ve faded now to the point they appear dirty. Ewww. I dyed them black once and that darkened them, but that too has faded. Since they’re still perfectly wearable I’ll dye them one more time and see what happens. But I hope The Gap is still making the same style. Most jeans-makers tend to change their styles between the time I find pants that fit properly and the time I go back to buy more. Right now I’m in Kelowna and aside from seeing the family, I’ll try to make a trip to The Gap.

You may be interested to know that two pairs of the exact same size and style of pants will not always fit the same. I tried several pairs when I bought those I’ve worn the past four years. It wasn’t as simple as finding a pair that suited and then grabbing another “same” pair off the shelf. I found that out when I tried a second pair on. The reason is — according to Joan’s mother-in-law who was a professional seamstress — that every person sews with slightly different tension and that means each pair of jeans is actually unique.

If all went as planned, my sister Karen and I flew into Kelowna yesterday as a surprise for Joan, to celebrate her 50th birthday. It’s two weeks late but she’s been with her hubby for a birthday-and-anniversary holiday in Italy and got back to Canada on Sunday, and to Kelowna on Monday. By the time you read this, we three seesters will be with our dad, our brother Cameron, and his daughter Kaity — the first time Karen and I will meet our niece in person, and maybe a first for Joan too as I don’t think Kaity arrives till Wednesday. Lots to look forward to as I write this (on Tuesday morning when I’m all ready to go) and schedule it to post on Thursday, to be sure not to spoil the surprise for Joan. It’s hard to keep a secret from someone you tell everything to, without thinking twice. And a few times I’ve been on the verge of spilling the beans somewhere that Joan would see it.

Dad plans to invite her family over to his place for supper on Wednesday so she can walk in, expecting to find Cameron and Kaity there, but getting a double whammy.



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