I’m a sucker for a pretty bowl. This one’s a garage sale purchase for 25 cents. There’s no use for it in the kitchen, so what am I to do with it? For now it sits on a shelf in the office, till it finds a purpose besides looking good.

There are certain truths that will always come across as insults, especially when people aren’t willing to hear them. Right? Heaven help the truth-tellers.

I don’t like personal insults flung at politicians and other public figures, even if I’m not a supporter of those people or their parties and causes.

For instance, while D. Trump deserves everything he gets because he’s clearly got it coming, Justin Trudeau? not so much: the critical things said about him online seem myopic and uneducated. I’m not suggesting that the guy or the Liberals are saints (Pfft. As if.) or even that Liberal voters will be happy with every choice the feds make. That’ll never happen, no matter one’s political leanings.

I’m saying that if people need to spew vitriol, they should stick to highlighting the facts and never mind the nasty insults and the skewage-sewage. The bitter attacks are extreme and often shocking. People should do their homework before they start yapping and sharing libelous crap on public forums like Facebook. I’m disappointed in people who wear their hearts on their sleeves without dusting them off a little first and making sure they’re pinned-on straight. These people probably think they’re being smart when actually the stuff they say (or “share”) makes them appear stupid. Except to the idiots who agree with them.


This Idiot Wouldn’t Want a Politician’s Job


2 thoughts on “Tuesday: DEAR LORNA

  1. “skewage-sewage” love this!

    I tune people out as soon as they move into any kind of personal disparagement about humans they have not met, but only read about, or watch videos about, or look at pictures about, or listen to discussions about… seldom are issues well served by reductionism and personal disparagement.

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