DSCF9587 (2)

Waiting at “22” to give Scott a ride home last night; they’re preparing to seed this field this morning.

It only took half an hour to get my teeth cleaned and polished, and they were pronounced “beautiful.” Half an hour! No trouble at all. No cavities! That’s the kind of dental appointment I like.

When I’m in town, I make a point of doing as many things as I can. I stopped at the credit union to pay a bill and get some cash — bought a two-four from the liquor store — got a 10-litre jug of coffee water at the service station — went to the drugstore to buy painkillers for a back that’s hurting bad (not mine) — picked up the rain jacket I’d left with the local seamstress for pocket repair — picked up a dress/top a friend sewed from a pattern she made off one of my favourite pieces of clothing that is finally getting all holey — mailed a cheque to Laura for seven jars of lemongrass lotion and a bunch more good things, and then . . .  (all this took a mere half-hour but sounds like a day’s work, doesn’t it?) . . .

Then there was a big rain cloud threatening. I came home and hopped on the lawn tractor to lop off the heads of the acre of dandelions we have, and soon the clouds went away. Got the whole yard mowed in an hour and a half.

You’d think a person would get bored riding around on a tractor, but one doesn’t. You’d think a person would have a lot of profound thoughts out there, with so much time for thinking. But one doesn’t. At least I haven’t. Maybe others do. Maybe farmers are the wisest, most patient people in the world. If not, they should be, because they have all that tractor-driving time to get their heads on straight. If driving around a field doesn’t force you to live in the moment, I don’t know what does.

The places where Scott dug up dandelions by the roots over the past few summers are lush, green, and dandelion-free. You’d expect that all the dandelions going to seed around those spots would just infect them again, but that hasn’t happened.


Mary Moon says she’s heard a cat speak English.

If Mary says she’s heard a cat speak English, then it must be true.





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