Again saw a raccoon headed for the barn. Saw one last week too. Bet it’s checking for cat food. Hope that’s all it looks for. I fed the cats earlier yesterday, thinking the new mother might be hungry sooner than usual. Maybe fooled the raccoon.

It’s amazing how that white cat was able to clean herself up so well, you’d never suspect the bloody carnage I witnessed on her the day she birthed her kittens.

I’m off to see the dental therapist this afternoon for a cleaning and checkup. They are gentle, but it’s still uncomfortable to sit with my mouth wide open for an hour and I’m not looking forward to it. Does anyone, ever? Maybe only Emil. He once had a tooth cracked right through that would’ve caused intense pain to most people, and he didn’t even feel it. Sometimes having scar tissue or brain damage (cerebral palsy) is a good thing, I guess, because some pain messages don’t get through. The downside is when you don’t realize your feet are freezing or the bathwater is scalding hot.

He considers a trip to the dentist a desirable outing. I believe this to be due to the excellent dentist we had back in Morinville: Percy Tomita.

From the first dentist visit, Dr. Tomato (or so I’d call him, so that Emil would correct me every time) took a lot of time with the boys, showing them all the tools and explaining the process, so that they had no fear. Everett was only two and the staff there could hardly believe how he’d cooperate through the checkup. I say it’s all down to Dr. Tomato’s approach.


Lorna: Don’t be too impressed, for I remain calm in a crisis … unless I giggle hysterically or totally freeze. I’ve done all three.

Secret Agent Woman:  Alas, we are possumless up here! Chickens are also said to clean up on wood ticks. I don’t know how you have free-range chickens without coyotes and foxes taking them, but people do. Maybe a good farm dog is the answer for that.




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