Our yard looks like a used-car lot. Probably a good thing, as thieves will think there is always someone home.

Shelly’s beau gets migraines or headaches, and someone advised him to drink coca-cola as a treatment. She passed along the suggestion to me.

I tried it once and it worked. Thought I musta got lucky.

Tried it a second time. It worked. Seriously?

Hardly seems possible that after 30 years of recurring migraines, prescribed drug treatments, anti-inflammatories, chiropractic treatment, massages, eating more protein, avoiding over-drinking, cutting out various foods in my diet to see if I was allergic to any, and a number of other methods of relief and prevention, a glass of pop should do the trick.

Too easy. Too good to be true. Surely — just like everything else I’ve tried and that has seemed to work — it won’t work every time.

Can hardly wait for the next migraine-coming-on to find out.


Birdie: Somebody does sell these “thunderjackets” — that’s where I got the idea!



3 thoughts on “Sunday: COCA-COLA FOR MIGRAINES

  1. My old cure for migraines used to be an aspirin and a diet coke. I think it was the aspirin/caffeine combo that worked. I don’t drink sodas at all any more so now I used Exedrin migraine, which is the same thing, plus tylenol.

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