So Much for Five Servings of Fruit & Veggies

imageA couple ounces of orange juice, half-a-dozen frozen strawberries, a stick of celery, an apple, a banana, and a handful of fresh spinach: these are all in my smoothie most days, but they are not proof against the plague flu.

Just sayin’. I’d never get all that down my neck every day if they weren’t in a smoothie, and I know they’re good for me, but dammit there’s no guarantee. Even washing one’s hands 20 times a day with soap and warm water is no guarantee. What is? I say. What is!

Also, the chinook didn’t last long. When I went out to start the car yesterday, the ice on the windshield was so thick that if I’d seriously tackled it, I would’ve given myself a hernia. There must’ve been rain the night before.

The motor ran a good 10 or 15 minutes during which I scraped a couple times, enough eventually to make a hole in front of the steering wheel so I could see well enough to drive. Even then there was still ice on the glass when I got to town. It’s brrr-cold out there again. Poor animules. The cats aren’t leaving the barn anymore.

My first stop in town was at the credit union to pay a bill and get some cash. After a few minutes at the tellers’ counter I was feeling faint. It could’ve been from sitting on my duff for two weeks without doing much, or it could’ve been because I was dressed for freezing cold and not the indoors. I got overheated. It happens; it’s difficult to avoid when going in and out in our winter weather, and you don’t strip down each time you step into a business.

After that I considered cutting my errand-running short. I had at least five more places to go, but only if I got my wind back. And I did. It really was just the overheating, I think. Plus I’m still coughing when I move around, so something is working its way out. All in good time … .

As I stood at the tellers’ counter, someone grabbed my arm from behind. It was my aunt Rose, in town with my uncle, doing their shopping and running about. We had a quick gab session but as I wasn’t feeling right, I waved at Neil as he waited in their vehicle, but didn’t stop to chat. We’ve run into each other quite a few times in Wadena lately. I hope that continues and one of these times we’ll mosey over to a restaurant for coffee or something. Maybe if Emil comes out here this weekend, we’ll drive to Margo and out to Neil and Rose’s. If it’s not dangerously cold.


One thought on “So Much for Five Servings of Fruit & Veggies

  1. This flu that seems to have left nobody alone takes a long time to get over. No amount of fruits and vegetables seem to help. I’m still short of breath weeks later.


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