Hello Goodbye

One of my sister Joan’s glorious paintings that lifts my spirit every time I see it.

If I want to shed a few tears — like, say my eyeballs need a rinse — what other reason would I possibly want to cry? — all I have to do is watch the TV show Hello Goodbye. It gets me Every Time. If I don’t want my mascara to run (and I threw out my mascara about 15 years ago so what am I talking about?), I flip past the show when looking through the guide.

Have you seen it? The host strolls through an international airport in Ontario and talks to folks who are waiting for someone to arrive or preparing to depart. He asks them questions that facilitate the sharing of their stories about their relationships with these people. I love hearing them.


Any time I get sick — thank heaven, rarely, except for the monthly week of migraines — I ask myself, What Caused This? The answer, which I come up with myself, is always that's it's something I ate or drank, or didn't. It's always my nutrition or lack of it. Something's missing from my diet, or I've had too much of something.

For example, I'll blame the wine; I must be slightly allergic to alcohol and therefore two or three glasses last night (upon occasion when we have company and I forget myself) have done this to me.

Or I've eaten too much chocolate or other junk food and not enough fruit and vegetables.

Once in while, say if I haven't been outside much for several days, I'll blame it on lack of fresh air and sunlight. Or maybe I'll imagine it's down to intense unpleasant emotions knocking back my immune system.

It's never just Shit, I don't deserve this. It's always Why? and What can I do so this doesn't happen again? The search for a solution never ends.

In meditation — not the kind where I watch my breath and go into an alpha state and relax my monkey mind, but the kind where I imagine myself going deep within, meeting up with my Inner Self, and having a conversation that enlightens and advises — I have been told that a daily five-minute check-in like this will go a long way — if not all the way — toward helping me feel good, physically, day in and day out. It’s so simple that it seems too good to be true. Do I do it? Hell no. Why not? Because I forget. I’m terrible at sticking to healthy routines. Also, maybe I’m afraid to heartily test this promise, because if it’s disproven then how can I believe any of the other interesting and helpful things I have discovered in this way?

One thing I’m going to do is start taking mineral supplements. Yes I’ve seen the Marketplace show about the unhealthy side effects of their long-term use. I’m going to do it anyway. Not that I’ve ever been or will ever be a consistent consumer of anything besides coffee and buttered toast in the mornings, but I do believe claims that our soil has been depleted and polluted and thus our food doesn’t supply everything we need for optimal health. Not even when we carefully consume a balanced diet, which I don’t always. I don’t want to be that careful about what I eat and drink every day, so a little supplementation could be like a bit of insurance. And sure, the first month of consumption may well have positive placebo effects — anything new seems to — but I’m going to give it a try anyway. If my fingernails harden up, I’ll be a convert.


3 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

  1. I had a good cry the other night, for absolutely no reason …wasn’t sad about anything or even frustrated or angry…. just couldn’t sleep and started thinking about mom and then had a good little cry about missing her and then, poof, fast to sleep:) Crying always seems to tire you out …..
    PS- thanks for the plug:)


  2. I have started on Apple Cider Vinegar …1 Tablespoon per day mixed with water .
    I have more energy and it has cleared my mind , thinking, reasoning, my joints are no longer achey, and I have lost some weight-I feel as if I have lost a layer of fat. I still have fat but I feel more toned now.


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