Habits by the Wayside

When I have a migraine, or am sick like I was recently with the flu, my regular habits don’t even cross my mind. Morning coffee? No thanks. Evening glass of wine? Completely forgotten. Poke around on the computer? No way. Watch TV? Never! All I want to do is escape discomfort through sleep. It’s about all I can do.

Thus I have little sympathy for people who claim to be ill yet continue to do all the things they ordinarily do. They make phone calls and tell others how terrible they feel. They crack open a beer and actually drink it! They sit up late and watch TV. They scroll through Facebook or Kijiji. I find it difficult to believe they’re sick at all. To me they look like pretenders, and I can’t bring myself to coddle them or give them any extra attention or care.

I suppose another way of looking at it is that these people have more stamina than me or that they don’t let their condition slow them down or that they carry on doing what they have to do. I don’t know. What do you think? Which kind of sick person are you?


I’m with you, WiseWebWoman, when it comes to that garbage that circulates on Facebook about refugees and how good they’ve got it here while so many of us poor Canadians suffer so. Gak. I saw one just the other day blaming Trudeau for the “hordes” of refugees roaming the streets. People do not think, I tell you! Some of my favourite people do not think. It’s shocking and disheartening: one of those things that makes me wonder if people are actually a lot more stupid than I give them credit for. Another bit of bullshit I hear at times is how great prisoners have it in jail, with their three meals a day, a roof over their heads, and TV. Why, that’s no punishment at all! They should just be shot right off the hop, give them what they deserve and save taxpayers a shitload of money. OY. And all politicians are greedy crooks. And people who aren’t relatives, who help seniors, are really only after their money. And look at how those horrible NDPs in Alberta managed to tank the world’s oil prices all by themselves, with their female leader, that witch. Tis a travesty!

The more I hear people talk, the more I see the wisdom of my dad’s philosophy in recent years: don’t ask anyone what they think about anything, because chances are you’ll be terribly disappointed, even in the people who matter to you. It might be better not to know.

An upcoming program on Ideas on CBC Radio, for those interested, is a different take on some attitudes toward refugees:
Thursday, January 11
FIGHTING AT THE TABLE: Conflict as successful integration
Sociologist Aladin El-Mafalaani has a counter-intuitive view of anti-immigrant rhetoric and politics. He sees them as a sign that integration is working. Conflict, he argues in his talk delivered in Berlin, is the necessary consequence of new arrivals at a metaphoric dinner table. The more people taking their place at the table, the more jostling and conflict there inevitably will be. While conflict can of course lead to violence, or even war, conflict in and of itself is neutral. But it’s always a stage of maturing societies. And those which have no conflict tend to be top-down authoritarian states which coerce their populations into obedience. He admits that he does have friends who love walls. But — he adds wryly — “they’re archaeologists.”


3 thoughts on “Habits by the Wayside

  1. I’m ill at the mo. Will find out more over the next few days. Pain and discomfort, alleviated at times by Tylenol. I’m sticking close to home but hate the accompanying lethargy. When I gave my silent migraines (getting rarer) I am usually paralyzed with fear until they pass.

    If I had my druthers when sick I’d curl up into a ball and have only my long dead mother waiting on me hand and foot.

    I’m a dreadful patient and am better off left alone in a dark corner.



  2. I’m with him: Aladin El-Mafalaani. This IDEAS program dovetails interestingly with what’s going on in our universities now, where people who disagree are silenced, and if they don’t do that, they are harassed, shunned, banned (as in the case of speakers) censured by their employers, followed, stalked and threatened. They are found guilty of “thought crime”.

    WItness the TA grad student at Wilfrid Laurier university who dared to show a television talk show clip with the interviewee putting forth an unpopular idea. The TA is still being inundated with hate speech, threats, and character assassination.

    All she wanted to do was stimilate discussion. She thought that’s what she was being paid to do. It’s become verboten (not using that word accidentally) to disagree with the Left.


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