A Wee Ramble


There was no Christmas tree at our house this year but we received some gorgeous cards. This was the first one, which I immediately set on the piano. Thanks, Sandy!

I’m told this cough can take weeks to go away, and to take it easy till it does. So far, I am not pushing myself to accomplish much. A bit of laundry – up and down the basement stairs three times for every load – and staying on top of the dishes and bundling up to feed the birds and barn cats out in the cold air seems to keep me well-enough occupied, for now. I mean to get at the office-turned-junkdrop one of these days and make it usable again, and that’s as far as my ambition goes.

We got some of that coffee creamer in case our kids liked it when they were here over the holidays. They didn’t, so I’m adding some to my coffee once in a while. (I went without coffee for a week while I had that flu and boy did I look forward to having some again, once things began staying in my stomach). I poured at least one mugful down the drain, though, when the “cream” curdled. Finally figured out that waiting five minutes for the coffee to cool before adding the “plastic” solves that problem. I made a point of setting the stove timer though or sure as shit I’d forget all about my coffee cooling on the kitchen counter, and I don’t like lukewarm coffee. And we don’t have a microwave. Yes, really. Believe it or not, you can survive without a microwave or dishwasher.

Good to hear that some of you enjoy my entries about family history. I’m not sure how interesting they are for Kait – how enthralled by this stuff was I at 30? What about my other nieces and nephew who are around Kait’s age? I’ve no idea. But let’s face it – I blog for my own edification, not anyone else’s, and choose my subjects for the same reason: they interest ME. It’s super satisfying when they interest you too … but that’s not my purpose here. Is this a kind of narcissism, then? Look at me, look at me!? I don’t know, but the years of it sure have made writing come easy. Great practice.

Birdie: I think my great-great grandmother died from pneumonia.

Someone once commented about the list of links I keep on my last blog (goldengrainfarm.blogspot.com): “I’d never have time to read all those every day!”, he said, implying that his time is much more productive and better spent. I didn’t point out the d’uhness of his assumption that I was reading all those webpages every day. It should be obvious: I have a phonebook too, but that doesn’t mean I read it all daily.

I forget where I was going with that. Hm. Something to do with people’s foolish assumptions based upon fuck-all, which I’ve been reminded of with that idiot senator posting the ignorant letters of people who agree with her uneducated notions about First Nations peoples and what they want and why they’re where they’re at. I hear a lot of this kind of shit from people who seem unable to imagine themselves in the shoes of the people they are so quick to judge and criticize. If only they had enough respect to actually listen to the people who are still affected by the negative results of colonization … but no, apparently they just can’t even consider that side of the story.

It reminds me of the insistence that political correctness is just coddling people who are being sucks and making mountains out of molehills. Christ. Try BEING a person on the butt end of workplace abuse, for example … see how YOU like it! But no, we’re not willing to imagine what someone else’s experience is like … let alone believe they might have credible goddamn complaints. That would be going to a bit too much trouble. Let’s just insist they are being big babies … .

Why oh why can we not open our minds enough to listen to those who are suffering? Would it cost us a goddamn thing to do that?


3 thoughts on “A Wee Ramble

  1. I love your genealogy posts! If nobody else is interested, I love reading them. You can say the posts are for me so you don’t feel like a narcissist. Seriously, I think they are so interesting.

    We don’t have a microwave and have no intentions of replacing the one that doesn’t work that sits above the stove. The clock works and it’s hooked up to the fan so it serves a purpose.


  2. I hope you get well soon m’dear sounds like this has taken you down the rabbit hole but not killed your wit. Good.

    My absolutely favourite ignorant rants are comparing prisoners’ and Syrian refugees’ luxurious benefits to the poverty of the average Canadian.

    Like zero research and complete ignorance rolled into one doofus.



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