Bird Down the Way

022Most of the hawks I see around here are red-tailed hawks, but this one was just down the road the other day as I was coming home.

The closest to it in appearance, in my Birds of Saskatchewan book, is the northern goshawk.

I know — a better camera would make a huge difference. But would it be as small and handy as the one I have? Aye but there’s the crust of my biscuit.



3 thoughts on “Bird Down the Way

  1. Marms,
    These are the best stories, aren’t they?
    These, and the way people around the world are speaking up and acting non-violently against the assholes who share the planet with the normal people.


  2. I agree. Speak up. However, I had to pause and allow that Conrad Black had a point on the a’hole subject the other day. Trump may be the best answer to Kim. Sigh. Even a clock is right twice a day.


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