Ms Fancy Pants

Kathy 2017 Bev was beautified and ready to go when I remembered to get the camera out and take a picture. I got a close-up of her that I love; bet she won’t let me post it here. We shall see. She’s gone to pick up her mom and drive to the family do, and you’re stuck with pictures of me instead.

What a treat to have some company out on the step. Bev likes to sit in the chair that’s in the sun by mid-morning, and I prefer the shady spot. Poy-fect!

Joan, you’ll recognize these pants, the ones you didn’t remember giving me. Super-comfy.

August 2017


4 thoughts on “Ms Fancy Pants

  1. Marms,
    So kind; your kind of eyes are my favourite. Hee!
    We were joking last weekend that we looked pretty darn good, still, as long as it was by candlelight. Only half-joking, mind you!
    -Kate, five-foot-five, average height of North American woman last time I checked; discussing kitchen-counter heights this weekend with several people, and ensuing backaches, and so on


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