Keepin’ Up With … the Dishes

DSCF9248 Our friends moved to Ontario and their house here sold within weeks, but before they left, Bev brought me a stack of books. I’m going to miss that about Bev, for sure, and I’ll always be grateful that she introduced me to Alan Bradley’s series about the adolescent detective Flavia de Luce. I eagerly await the next one.

The books Bev loaned me are in the first picture below, and the ones I brought from the library this week are in the second. Now is the time to say I’m taking your reading recommendations, but it looks like my eyes will be plenty occupied for the rest of the summer unless some of these don’t hold my interest.












I’m not yet finished the Nancy Mitford bio, Life in a Cold Climate, but dove right into her biography of Louis IV, the Sun King of France.

Last night my other friend Bev arrived from her home in a tiny village outside Regina. She’ll be around for a few nights during a family function, and my place will be convenient to stay, right en route, between helping her mom and visiting with her relatives. Nice for her, nice for me.

Dad left Monday morning but I remembered to get a picture of him with my two sons, Emil and Everett, on the deck of my sister’s house the day before.


Those puffy, untrimmed beards are fugly.
When Everett goes for his haircuts, he gets a shave and then his dimples show and he can’t as easily hide the corners of his mouth that slightly turn up when he smiles.
Emil, when he gets around to it, asks his “primary caregiver” at the group home to shave his beard when she cuts his hair, which he keeps super short.
I try not to comment on my dislike of the wild beards that seem to be the fashion among the younger male set these days, but occasionally I still say so. Once a mom, always a mom, and sometimes the truth slips out — against my better judgment, for it’s not my business how these grown men wear their facial hair and they really don’t care what I think anyway. Probably the opposite: the more I dislike it, the longer they keep it. I should start admiring the beards instead, then they’d shave daily!


2 thoughts on “Keepin’ Up With … the Dishes

  1. I had no idea those beards were a thing but I see in a NatPost story that Brad Wall’s son sports the same style. If not styling it is a style. Nice picture one missing.

    Oh. A porrrrch. How I envy you.


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