MunchyCrunchers and A Family Story


Mom’s mom was 4 ft. 10 as an adult. The year she started school she was still short enough to walk under the kitchen table.

Grandma, on her tiny little legs, won all the races at school until the teachers quit awarding ribbons because no one else got any.

As a very young girl on the farm, there was a mean rooster that always chased her when she was outside.

Finally she’d had enough of its antics. She picked up a board, ran around the corner of a building, and waited. When the rooster appeared on her trail, she smashed it and that was the end of that.


4 thoughts on “MunchyCrunchers and A Family Story

  1. We need a statue near the road (with bronzed whacker) commemorating this Saskatchewan heroine.

    (Project. Or at least, citation in some encyclopedia).


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