After the Rain


This little chicken was found with some sewing items that were Mom’s. What is it? It opens at the bottom, like a tea cosy, but is too small to be a cosy. I don’t imagine it’s a pincushion, unless maybe one’s meant to slip it over a small ball that one can stick pins into.

Ideas, anyone?

And in other news, we’ve had an inch of rain.
I did my “rain dance” (not really a dance, just a respectful request) and we had rain within the following 48 hours, after experiencing near-drought conditions here, recently. We needed the moisture badly and got a perfect downfall, gentle and lasting.
Someone asked me jokingly to tell more about this rain dance and I joked back that if it got results I’d be hiring out my services, so was keeping my methods secret.

Yesterday was spent in bed till past four o’clock because Neck Thing wasn’t responding to medication. This morning it seemed wise to take a pill again and I am moving slowly, but feeling better so will be able to enjoy the day. It’s good to be alive when one feels normal, and I’m grateful to feel that way most of the time.

When “under the weather,” everything about life seems pointless, a waste of effort, hopeless, shallow, lonely, sad, broken, unfixable. Fortunately for me, times like these don’t last long. They come from fatigue and illness, they are not reality, and there is no choice but to wait them out. Optimistic cheerfulness always comes back, given the chance.


7 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. I think it is something to keep an egg warm, when you served it at the table but still have to wait a few minutes before you eat it. We used to have such things at home when I was little.

    I hope you feel better soon!


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