For the Flower Lovers


‘As they say, courage isn’t being fearless, it’s overcoming the fear.’ ~ Bebop, in my email this week.

Poppies like the “hairy” one above have been said to resemble the Muppet drummer.


A link to the article above also came in email; the article is about a friend’s uncle. Interesting that they chose the “without the sex” thing as a pullquote. Kinda misleading; it’s the tiniest sliver of the story.


Dad was to get on the road back to Kelowna today. He came over here a number of times during his visit to our home town, and the boys and I went to Karen’s to see him yesterday afternoon. It was a perfect day for sitting on her wide deck, looking out over the blue water.


Yesterday when I turned onto the correction line, a crow sitting on the road ahead flew up and raced along beside me and side to side in front, occasionally landing and then flying up again as the car caught up. I drove slowly — Uncle Bob speed — and the crow kept it up for a good half mile. Probably a young one. They are often curious and playful, young birds.


‘Yet she rarely invented in her novels: she took the stuff of her life and transmuted it into something that had truth at its heart, the kind of truth that one only understands at a distance.’ –Life in a Cold Climate, bio of author Nancy Mitford by Laura Thompson


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