Wooden Bears and A Guessing Game

It’s one thing to hook my camera onto a belt loop before going for a walk, but another to go elsewhere and remember to take pictures. “Blog fodder,” I call them.

We managed to snag a photo of this carving as Everett and I were leaving Camp Easter Seal after dropping off Emil.


It was lunchtime then, so we stopped at The Village Perk on the main drag. The prices seemed sky-high, but hey, it’s a resort village; what’re ya gonna do. Because it’s been so hot lately, they haven’t been baking pies — specifically the pecan pie I go there for and haven’t been lucky enough to get for several years now. The owner who used to make it has sold the place but I’m told the pie remains on the menu. Perhaps next year I’ll call ahead.

Everett has been giving me the stink-eye since he was a very young lad. Here we are waiting for his cinnamon bun and my egg, ham and cheese on a bagel.


I’d gone to a garage sale in Wadena the previous afternoon and picked up this tiny six-foot measuring tape to carry in my purse, swapping out the larger model I’ve been carrying around. I’d also bought this wee leather “purse” attached to a key chain, wondering what it’s intended for.


A gal who had been seated at another table came over as she and her companions were leaving. She’d noticed me wondering what the little bag is for, and said she thinks it’s for holding needles.

There was more action on the beach and in the water than I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve been taking Emil there. Perhaps it’s because it was a weekend, and often Emil comes and goes on weekdays. Or it could also be because more people are aware of the place since it was featured on Jonny Harris’s Still Standing a week or two ago. I took this picture through the window, from our table.


We drove on to Saskatoon and spent the night at Cathy’s, where we ate a delicious supper and then sat on the patio and after dark had a fire to gaze into as we chatted. Her daughter Cait (Everett’s “betrothed,” we tease, since as small kids they insisted they’d get married someday. She’s a couple years older than him and pronounced that he was her baby the moment she saw him, and they were best of pals ever after) came over for a few hours too and I was particularly glad, since I hadn’t seen her in some years. Everett later insisted he hadn’t noticed her substantial beauty, now that she’s all grown up after he too hadn’t seen her for years; she’s just Cait, he said. Hm. Methinks he’s not admitting something.

Naturally I forgot all about taking pictures. That’s the way it often is. Just taking in the moments without trying to save visual evidence of them.

Cathy doesn’t think the little purse is for needles. Why, she asked, would it be on a keychain? Why would it have a Japanese scene on the leather?

Anyone else care to make a guess?


9 thoughts on “Wooden Bears and A Guessing Game

  1. I don’t know what it intended for, but don’t you think it would be handy to carry a little change in? What else might you need along with your set of keys?
    Hmmmmmmm. wonders


  2. “Everett has been giving me the stink-eye since he was a very young lad.”

    I laughed out loud at this. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a son. My two Grandsons love their Grandma and are the most affectionate with me, of the Grandbabies. I think boys might be somewhat more forgiving of their mothers, my daughters are awfully harsh critics, something I hoped they would grow out of, but such is not the case, and I do hear a lot of young females complaining bitterly and quite publicly about their mothers. I think I wouldn’t mind a bit of honest, direct “stink eye” myself!


  3. Maggie,
    Everett was the sweetest, most affectionate and caring little boy I could ever have asked for. He says that was his first incarnation; now he’s a human-hater who figures our entire species should be done away with.
    I can only hope — as has been some of my own experience — that some of the philosophy espoused in one’s twenties gives way to something more reasonable, eventually.
    Mothers do often report more hostility between themselves and teenage daughters. I certainly gave my mom a lot of grief.
    I enjoy the time spent with Everett but alas, he claims he’s just putting up with me because he hasn’t got much choice. Oh well, that’s the way it is, then!


  4. I’m, also of the option it is a change purse. Something light to carry on a quick outting to the corner store.


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