Best of Summer

IMG_0653These are beautiful days. Hot, summer days and warmish nights.

There’s a wooden Adirondack chair outside the door and I came out of the house one afternoon to find it flipped onto its face on the ground about five feet from its spot up on the step. It had been in its usual place when I came from town an hour earlier. SadieSue Doodle wouldn’t be able to do it unless maybe she somehow got wedged beneath it and fought her way out while throwing the chair into the air. Seems unlikely.

No one had come to the door, to my knowledge. I may’ve heard some noise, but would’ve assumed it was the fridge’s usual knockings.

I have seen the wind carry these chairs off the step before, so it’s possible for sure. Except that there was only the lightest of breezes.

‘Tis a mystery.


It’s too hot and humid to walk during the day, though I go down the driveway several times. Down the road, the crops are blooming and waving and reaching for the sky.


See ya back here on Monday.



8 thoughts on “Best of Summer

  1. Maggie,
    Me too! Imagine what someone with a serious camera could do with it!
    I know I sound like a doofus when I say this, but I often walk down the road or sit on my step feeling so grateful to be here that I have at least once come to tears of … of … joy? Because it is very beautiful and I am so fortunate.


  2. What a view!
    We awoke this morning to find the flag on the front of our house laying on the steps and the top of the pole broken. Must have been wind as we are to get some bad weather today.


  3. Mary,
    That reminds me of the time I was looking out the kitchen window at our last house and the wind snapped off the top half of a young tree right in the middle of the bush. It was very weird, and it was only a day or two later that I got the news of my mom’s terminal kidney cancer. Now I always think of such strange “natural” events as a possible omen that I’ll need to muster all my strength; as a message to prepare myself. Let’s hope your flagpole and my chair are just coincidences and nothing more.


  4. Interesting! I don’t always think of possible connections like that, but…we did just have an attempted robbery in the neighborhood, and then after that someone else was trespassing on some properties. Maybe the flag, with regard to freedom, indicated ours was shaken because we’ll all be checking yards and door locks more often for awhile.


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