Tornado Too Close

I was lounging on the couch in my pyjamas, where, if I’m watching a TV channel that has commercials and my iPhone is at hand, I’ll often fire up Facebook for something to do during the advertising. My niece posted this photograph, taken from my sister Karen’s entryway at Aurora Beach near Margo.

super cell cloud west of karens

Holy shit!
I immediately texted Karen and when she didn’t reply, phoned. No answer. What now? There are only two houses with full-time residents at the beach, and if a tornado had gone through it’s certainly possible that people could be injured and unable to call for help.

I was just about to get dressed and drive to Margo when I received news that all was well, that a tornado had touched down a few miles away but Karen and her family were safe.

*Thanks to my niece Michelle for permission to post her photo. She points out the three pelicans floating through the photo, all la-di-da, whatever …


2 thoughts on “Tornado Too Close

  1. “La-di-da-whatever”

    EXACTLY. I tend to think if there was a problem they wouldn’t be there. It’s roller coaster ride time and they’re not gonna get left out.

    Gads you wouldn’t believe it here now. The plastic chair on my balcony keeps crashing against the railing and flying around from one end to the other. The sky is coal black and we have lightening and thunder, wheeeeeee, and I think we’re going to be swamped.

    Oooh I love a good storm. Too dark for pix though.


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