For Something to Do


We like to go for ” a little drive,” me and Emil.

Just south of our farmyard, someone was hiding, watching us pass by.

What would we do? Where would we go? I had a couple ideas.

There’d been one garage sale in town yesterday when I picked up Emil, but I hadn’t found it. We had tornado warnings and rain so they had likely closed up early. Why not try again today, see if the sale was on?

So that’s what we did. Emil thought he’d wait in the car, but I encouraged him to get out and walk around, look at stuff. He was glad he did because he ran into two friendly acquaintances and had a grand ol’ chat with them both.

One of his co-workers had taken him to her place for a visit one day, and I asked Emil if he could show me her house. But first, said I, why don’t we stop at the drive-thru for a couple milkshakes? And hey, isn’t that a garage sale sign I see across the street? We’ll pop in there while we’re at it.

It was an easy way to spend some time together on a hot Saturday in July. Emil made no purchases, but I spent a whole $21. Just look at all these goodies! The only one we really needed but yes could’ve done without is the brand new bath mat, store tag still on it, far left, grey. The rest, well … same with the kitchen stuff: I didn’t need it but it will be nice to have the four-cup measure with spout and lid, and the salad spinner whose knob doesn’t come off when you’re turning it fast (Everett will get my old one), and the extra ice-cube tray, and the ladle. They’ll all get regular use.


I’m a sucker for pretty cushions, warm blankets, and woven mats.

img_0654.jpgNow that we’re home, Emil’s having his daily mid-afternoon snack. He goes foraging. I made the tea (he had a hot apple cider drink) and he helped himself to cottage cheese and plums, which I topped off with a serving of potato chips.

So much for not posting over the weekend. Heh!


6 thoughts on “For Something to Do

  1. Sounds like a really relaxing, fun day! Two questions: Did the “bug bite” disappear? Are the wild fires under better control?
    PS Love the picture of being watched by someone! A deer, right? uh, oh…three questions!


  2. Secret Agent Woman,
    Wish you lived closer, I’d pass the cushion on to you! That’s if you wanted it. It’s scratchy. I lay my face on it last night while watching TV and could only handle it for a few moments. Darn it. Now what?


  3. Oooh I-boney-eye that measuring cup. You can just DO everything in them. Mine is Pyrex and a 4 cup. One kitchen item I’d be looking for if I was with you and Emil is the old-fashioned Pyrex double-boiler. I miss mine. It did puddings and creme sauces so nicely, and melted chocolate just right. What happened to it? I don’t remember.


  4. Marms,
    I’ve got my eyes peeled for a double-boiler, for sure.
    I have an 8-cup Pyrex that gets used regularly, and an 8-cup Tupperware in regular rotation as well.
    Next: a two-cupper, if they make such things.


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