Friday Fables

IMG_0652One hell of a thunderstorm last night. We got more than an inch of rain, and we needed it. Of course I had just watered all my annuals in pots a few hours earlier, and fertilized them.

Maybe we should rename our dog “Digger.”
I’ll be setting more mouse traps, and blocking off the step at night so she can’t get at the flower pots there.
She’s been good for a while — aside from chewing the corners off the arms of my wooden Adirondack chair on the back step — grrrrrrrrrr — she is as bad as a plague of grasshoppers that would eat the handles of your garden tools on their way through your yard during the Dirty Thirties.

I’ll be pouring more hot sauce on things she’s chewed on or may be tempted by. Wood, plastic, cloth — she likes it all. Meanwhile she’s been ignoring her dry food for a couple days. I think she’s robbing nests instead.

Joan, maybe we should trade dogs?


Some life around our house right now is all about farming. I’m an observer only, experiencing the secondhand fallout: of hurry, stress, fatigue, pressure, one-track-mind, etc. Farmer ailments or conditions or maybe just facts of life? Guess it depends on the farmer, and I’m not one. I keep calm and carry on.

It was full speed ahead to get the baling done while the sun shone. Farming days were long and ran late up until it rained last night. There was a calf casualty and an attempted adoption due to it, ongoing. Chickens are being raised at the neighbouring SouthForks for slaughter, as are three pigs, and my mom-in-law purchased an alpaca for her granddaughter. I’ve only seen it from a distance, haven’t been over there long enough to walk out to the corral for a closer look. It wants to be with the cattle but is still kept separate from them, yet close enough to get acquainted.

I have taken to mowing the grass with the lawn tractor, and I like doing it. What have I been missing all these years! Yesterday I was cutting around the maple tree and trying to get as close to the flowerbed as possible, and ran the clipping-catcher, behind me, up against a diagonal tree trunk. I couldn’t remember how to reverse the tractor, and couldn’t lift it back an inch, so turned the motor off and left it for the rest of the day. A man’s muscles of course had it moved in seconds. Some people may have found this slight mishap irritating, but I chuckled over it a number of times. Not the end of the world, is it? I’m thankful to be able to laugh at myself. It would be the shits to be pissed off over every little thing. Like … like … like a frickin’ dog digging up your flower pots over and over again. Oh yeah, laugh about that will ya, Kathy!

And that’s all you get for today. I’m finishing up dishes before putting Mexican Soup on (note to self: add red onion to grocery list), then getting outside for a while, then maybe more mowing (we’ll see if the tractor’s waiting or whether it’s behind the Quonset door, safe), then off to town to pick up Emil for the weekend and go banking and grocerying.

By the way, if you’re wondering where Kate’s 5 Things is … it may be switching to a quarterly newsletter as I seem to be having trouble getting around to it.

The daily walks have been doable lately for the most part and unless I’m imagining things, the middle ring of flab is already starting to firm up. Woo hoo! The 58-year-old bod still responds fairly quickly to exercise. Now to practise those face workouts … Hee! Such a dreamer I am.


And here is one of the most beautiful voices there is: Rachel Paiement. I need to hear this through a good set of speakers.

I’ve listened to this entire album countless times, but not for many years.

Where can a person hear Paiement nowadays? I don’t know, but when I listen to Don Ross’s music with vocals from some earlier releases, there is a voice that reminds me of her.


Annette, you haven’t replied to my last email so I’m not sure I sent it to the correct address. My iMac died again, along with my address book and old emails, and Dad’s laptop doesn’t have the same mail program. We can do a phone call any time; like the sign says, I’m “here all week.”

Have a good weekend, y’all.

Signing off till Monday morning, hapsper,

My Kateness


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