This & That

028 Pretty, isn’t it? Canola fields are in bloom all around the countryside.

The wind and clouds can’t decide what they’re doing today. Which makes it hard to decide what to wear. How many layers? A scarf for my pencil neck that so easily gets chilled?

“Doris Lessing once said in a TV interview that a writer needs to be a little bored in order to write stories.” – The Barefoot Bingo Caller, by Antanas Seleika

Seleika’s book is a collection of short memoirs.

There are lots of pelicans on Margo Lake, right out in front of Karen’s waterside window. They’re so huge and impressive! I looked them up in my Birds of Saskatchewan book:

They lay only two eggs.

They work as a group to herd fish into schools, and then they each take a turn scooping one up.

This morning five of them flew right over the maple tree in our front yard.


2 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Sorry that should have been “Gurdwara”. I think this is on the Yellowhead so if you were crazy enough to drive that highway west you’d see this looming on the horizon way back into Saskabush.


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