Old Moe

034 This is a designated Heritage Site now, Karen tells me. The Old Moe Church northeast of Margo is where our parents were married, and where some of our great-grandparents are buried. Next to them lies the sweet baby whom we’d have known as our aunt if she’d survived her birth. Their tombstones in the graveyard on the hill behind are in good shape, clearly legible, unlike some we encountered in our travels.

A small group of local parishioners have kept the place clean and in good repair. I’m not a churchgoer, but being here made me want to sit down and pray.

I suppose the funerals of our great-grandparents were held here.


The organ even works!

I’d like to say that Karen played something from Phantom of the Opera (because that’s what I was singing), but I don’t think it was.


6 thoughts on “Old Moe

  1. I once knew an American woman who could NOT understand our love for our churches, falling down abandoned middle of nowhere relics. Although yours is not relic yet. So very well kept. And the Canola, under our blue skies. I should take camera out and do a tour: we have lots of both here, collapsed churches in the middle of Canola fields, the farmers tilling around it. Here they are mostly onion domed. In one area the old broken down onion domes are challenged by a shiny new huge Gurdwalla. Times they are a changin’.


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