Oogly Sisses


pessary: see image

ulsterette: any guesses? i think it’s being worn; otherwise i’d guess it’s some kind of furniture

online dictionary:

a small, lightweight ulster

well that’s no help

Popularity: Bottom 10% of words

i can see why

thanks for nothing, merriam-webster

and collins english

and yourdictionary.com

At least freedictionary.com tells us it’s an item of clothing

Ah here we go: Canadian Oxford; ulster: a man’s long, loose overcoat of rough cloth [Ulster, Ireland, where it was originally sold]

This week a thunderstorm left us without electricity from 11pm to 6pm the following day. Not much to do when there’s no power! Not even dishes.

Afterward my iMac wouldn’t come on. It’s 11 years old and, as Joan says, it doesn’t owe me anything. Everything’s backed up on a thumb drive. I’ve got this old laptop of Dad’s that’ll do the trick. Or maybe the iMac will decide to work again, like it did after its last unpaid vacation; ’twas magic. Fingers crossed.

Not that I’m using either computer much lately, with Joan home. We’ve managed to get together for a few hours each day. I went to Karen’s twice to hang out with the seeeeesters. We visited the Margo cemetery and also the Old Moe Church and graveyard. Our relatives and ancestors are buried in both places.

Today they picked me up and we met Everett at the bakery. Joan’s 15-yr-old daughter and Karen’s 10-yr-old grandson were along so a variety of ages were represented. As if soup and sandwiches weren’t enough, we had Boston cremes for dessert.

Emil was having his annual boys’ lunch out with his uncle Gary, who took Emil’s cousin Ben along. They had a meal at one of the Chinese food cafes in town, and then moseyed over to the drive-thru for an ice cream treat.

We did alittle shopping and then all met up in front of MDSI, where Emil went back to work and Gary and Everett were hoping to tour the facility.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go out to the lake for coffee on the deck before Joan’s famdamily heads back to Kelowna. Karen will be back to work by noon and that’ll be the end of the whirlwind visit. Better than none! Joan could’ve used another four days to drop in on our aunts and uncle and her school friends who still live here. Maybe next time scheduling will work out better. But at least we sisters got to see a lot of each other and that’s nothing to shake a stick at.


3 thoughts on “Oogly Sisses

  1. Pessary I had no problem with that one. Cough. But MDSI?

    Boston Cremes *and* Chinese food?? That does it.

    Does anyone out there need a housesitter. Pets too? Of course! I”m willing as long as you don’t charge me too much. Haha,.

    A wonderful thing happened today: I was desperately failing at downloading music off my fav musicians website, so sent a query. Got a private response with a gratis CD winging my way.

    Apparently the website is being redone, and will soon be glorious with music and story songs before long. I”m desperate for “History: The First 25 Years CD”. Do you know, I still often use my walkman?

    Thanks James. http://keelaghan.com/


  2. Ulster. I’m picturing James Joyce. I know I’ve seen a picture of him wearing such a coat. Of course, that rough cloth was ubiquitous in the early part of the last century, and before. You had an everyday coat and a good coat, if you could afford a coat, and both lasted a lifetime. Sturdy, rough fabric.


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