Light & Pretty

nice pantsOne of the best things about summer weather is wearing summer clothes.

Joan arrived, bearing gifts as usual. I scored five new pairs of earrings and a gorgeous set of pants and top. What a sweetie!

I’ll have to scrub up and put them all on. She’s here for three more days so I’m hoping for some lake time with her and Karen.

“Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies” now added to the recipe collection.




4 thoughts on “Light & Pretty

  1. Yah ok. I”m making those first NOT 30 degree day to take to the sboriginal seniors’ centre. That’s got to be the most universal ccc recipe I’ve ever seen. Something for everyone.



  2. Secret Agent Woman,
    It seems we are two chips off similar blocks. Or something.
    Then again, most gals will agree – summer clothes are best.
    Not that I don’t like winter cozies. I surely do.


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