Moms and Kids

woody A question commonly asked of the tarot is “How can I most help my child right now?”

I love the way people care so much about their kids. It’s only natural and right, and it’s a beautiful thing about the human spirit.

Today I drew only one card in response to that question about one of my sons. The Two of Cups was drawn. It’s all about communication, about the sharing of truth and heart.

*Photo: Everett wanted the Woody doll from Toy Story.

II Cups“Keep the conversation flow going. Be open, listen with respect and, where there is lack of understanding or agreement, let it be. All communication isn’t verbal. Just because it isn’t said aloud doesn’t mean you aren’t honest or brave. Be who you are and accept it when he does the same.”

Simple enough. I already try to do that. Keep it up, then?

Gotta get going. I’ve roped myself into a visit and some errands. Otherwise I’d gladly stay home all day. It’s a perfect one. I spent the first two hours on the back step and/or pruning flowers. The breakfast dishes will have to wait. Emil’s already outside, keeping to the shade. We’re off and at ‘er … .




2 thoughts on “Moms and Kids

  1. Secret Agent Woman,
    I don’t know how you are, but I’m always “should I do this?” or “try that?” or “need something different?” or “more?” and never sure I’m doing all that can be done to help, so that one tarot card is a good focuser and quits me worrying.


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