Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Day-ays

camperThink I’ll stroll out to the camper (she sings, instead of “Think I’ll go out to Alberta”) and see how the day’s going to be, i.e. how to dress. On the step with my coffee this morning it was shady, windy and cool; but the step is never a reliable indicator of anything. Once you’re in the sun and out of the wind, it could be in the nineties — which it was, yesterday. I wore shorts in the house, where it was only 73 degrees, for a couple hours … and Grandpa’s sweater. Go figure.

Emil sleeps in. As soon as he gets up, he comes to me and says Good Morning, Mom, and asks “How was your sleep?” Then he tells me that he didn’t stay in bed too late, he hasn’t wasted half the day, he’s “only slept till” whatever-o’clock today.” Sleep, young fella, I say. Sleep all you want and don’t worry about it for one moment.

He’s up at six on weekdays in order to get to work on time and I’ve no doubt he’s not getting eight hours a night, and probably needs to catch up on his rest.


We need moisture. I’ve set the hose out to soak the lawn, and will water the flower beds again tonight. It may be time to do a rain dance … first one this year. I’ll let you know how it goes.




4 thoughts on “Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Day-ays

  1. SoapboxPulpit,
    Yep! That’s exactly it. I didn’t know I had ANY of Grandpa in me, so this is nice to hear. I always think of him when watering flowers with the handheld hose, especially the hollyhocks.


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