Friendly to Invaders

aven It’s probably foolish to let wildflowers grow in my flower garden, but … they’re pretty! they might be medicinal! they can be yanked out if they get out of hand! (she says to herself, fearing what the yarrow may choke out if she doesn’t stay on top of it).

This is the yellow aven, a member of the rose family.

Speaking of roses, I have four in memory of Mom (and as a memory prompt they are effective; I think of her each time there is a new bloom) and they are going great guns for the first time ever. This is probably because I finally listened, this spring, when they “told” me they’ve been too crowded to do their thing properly. I pulled out the oriental poppies and pink dianthus and painted daisies and maltese crosses they’ve been sharing their spots with, and voila! Whodathunk! Pay attention to your feelings; they’ll tell you what your plants need.


Cathy and I are planning a trip to Regina to see the Body Worlds exhibit. She’s a massage therapist and has studied human anatomy, and I’m just curious to see how everything fits together inside our bags of skin. I couldn’t attend an autopsy or anything like that, no matter how interested I am, but this should be doable for someone as finicky as me. The nerves behind my knees go wild at the sight of blood, wounds and any physical carnage in general, but these bodies are all plasticized. Wish me luck.



A cup of hot coffee was delivered bedside this morning so I was out on the step at 8 o’clock, watching and listening to the birds. They’re very busy that time of day! I try not to go off the step wearing my slippers, but occasionally can’t resist. A stroll past the flower beds and around the back of the house brought me to a large garter snake laying next to a hose. I jumped and squealed, but only because it surprised me.

“Don’t move,” I said, “or the dogs will be on you!”

And it remained motionless as I walked away.


Yesterday I wrote an entry around transplanting flowers, kind of, and so maybe it’s time to quit this blogging thing because all I’m doing is a writing exercise about nothing much. No story, really. No big questions; definitely no answers. Why you guys keep coming back is beyond me. Glad you do, though.





6 thoughts on “Friendly to Invaders

  1. Kate, I thought I was pretty tough, until my two year old daughter closed a sliding glass door on her hand. Wow, I nearly passed out I was so distressed. Luckily my brother Carl’s girlfriend at the time, Caroline, was a nurse, and she stepped right in to handle the situation. I know I would have risen to the occasion if I had needed to, but since I didn’t need to I collapsed into a chair, speechless and motionless. No permanent damage done to my daughter’s hand, no thanks to me.

    “No big questions; definitely no answers.”

    The answer you provide is that there is decency, honesty, and lives well lived. The best non-drama going in my book!


  2. Maggie,
    Oh thanks, luv; it’s good to be appreciated even when I’m not appreciating my own self.
    I once fainted at the sight of blood; didn’t realize it would affect me that way, but found out right quickly. I’m afraid to be first on the scene of any accident because even when I cut my finger I feel like passing out.


  3. I feel my blog is pointless too from time to time, I like to get the fire and the dander up periodically but hell, I see dead blog friends’ blogs pulled down off the web and I get upset as I want to cruise through their posts and savour some good nostalgia for a while.
    So mine might not live on either. I leave it up to Daughter. But blog friends are special. You are.



  4. I have some wildflowers I let stay, too. Some things are too pretty to yank.

    People don’t stick around blogs for big news, I don’t think. We are a community and just want to hear whatever it is that’s going on in each other’s lives.


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