Holidaying at Home

blue flax He knew for months that this week was a holiday for his workplace, but was determined to spend it at the group home in town. Until, that is, he was here for a day this weekend. Then it became “I think I’ll just stay here the rest of my holiday instead of at Aylesbury House. Then you and I get to have a whole week together. Would you like that, Mom?”

Well hell yeah. Apparently I didn’t think of it — though I’d suggested it before, since I’m home anyway.

Not that we’ve been out gallavanting much so far, as Emil would prefer. We drove over to the closest greenhouse yesterday and although it’s closed for the season, I was permitted to buy what I didn’t know I wanted till I got there and saw what was left. Sadly, there was a lot; I wanted to bring them all home, but that would never do: there’s enough weeding, watering, staking and deadheading on my plate already. I nabbed three packs of gazanias already stretched tall and beginning to dry out from lack of attention.

The blue flax in the photo was spread across the middle-to-front of the flower garden, and when it’s not blooming during a certain part of the day it looks like a weed and blocks the display of painted daisies behind it, which are now bent toward the ground in many places due to the wind.

Yesterday in spite of the heat I worked beneath the oak trees to prepare a spot for three of the flax, and in the early evening I moved them over. They have a long taproot so I wasn’t sure how well they’d transplant at this late date, but they look okay today, don’t they? Then again, the other three that I ripped up by the roots and threw in the bush were blooming this morning too, so we shall see.

In their place are the gazanias.

Is there any more pleasing activity, once you’ve had your morning coffee (and sometimes with it in your hand), than strolling past your flower beds to see what’s popped open since yesterday, pulling a few weeds, and tying some of your delphiniums to a trellis? It’s one of the best things about summer, and it’s one reason why I don’t want to go anywhere else to vacation at this time of year. This is where I want to be.


6 thoughts on “Holidaying at Home

  1. I have never had a garden or been a plant warden, but I do enjoy the bush and woods, what’s up and out when, and picking some nuts, seeds, inedible berries, rose hips and buds to dry, maybe for potpourri, maybe for winter tea, or just decorations, taking photos of something notable. Presently on watch for Saskatoons, usually mid to end July around here. Even a couple handsful makes me happy and keeps the tradition and memories alive. I do a final sweep in Autumn to bring home cones and branches for winter decorations to get me through to Spring. Touching them and rearranging them is a meditation of sorts. Grounds me. As they say.

    Other post: If I lived there I’d love to take Emil out on drives and he could show me old roads and old churches, places to buy doughnuts and chips. Just rambles. I really enjoy that kind of outing and looking for what’s different each season. My favourite rambles are usually in Spring, when the small animals are busy and about, building nests, and water dams, sampling Aspen greens. Oh but then later we would cut Cattails. Just because.


  2. Marms,
    Emil would love that!
    He’ll always say, “I like going places with you.”
    Of course, I’m not the only person he says that to. Anyone who takes him on an outing is well appreciated.
    I wonder if we’ll get saskatoons this year, because of the tent caterpillars. Chances are not good.


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