Don’t Laugh: It’s a HodgePodge

collage 1 The days have been suitable for escaping to the camper’s screened windows and peace.

You’d think the house isn’t an oasis, the way I talk. It is! Not a lot of commotion in here either. But being in the camper is as good as being outside. I don’t know why it’s different than being in the house, but it is. Maybe that’s because the windows in the camper are open and I’m sat right between them, while the house windows are closed to keep the hot daytime air out, and there isn’t one we could sit by even if they were open.

One of the doors to the house porch is in bad shape cosmetically. It’s an eyesore and I decided to cover it with a collage. I go out to the camper, slide open the windows, listen to the birds, cut, trim and paste.

Sometimes it would take forever to place a tiny image, and I’d remind myself just to get the damn bristol board covered. This isn’t meant to be a masterpiece. It’s a collection of graphics and photos that I like. Sure they could be placed in a way that is more pleasing to the eye, but I’d need classes, people. Someone to show me even the simplest design techniques, which are the ones you figure out over time and with experience unless you are instructed. For instance, I made my border first. I think now it should have been the last thing I glued on.

collage two

Another of my little quirks is a love of wrapping paper. I can’t part with pretty paper; that’s the way it is. And I want it out where I can see it, not buried in a book in a closet or on a shelf. So that’s what’s below the collage at the moment.

collage three

I’ve seen collages that are artistic and beautiful. I don’t know how to make those. I only know I’m happy to have this one virtually finished and tacked up so that ugly door no longer gets on my nerves and I can admire some of my favourite things to look at.


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