Slow on Sunday

painted daisy in brassThe farm work was put off so we could’ve joined in Canada Day celebrations yesterday, but beer on the back step seemed a more appealing option. To me, that is. My companions found other occupations indoors.

And so it was a quiet evening spent at home. We had a late supper of spaghetti with tomato sauce, and for dessert there was vanilla ice cream and home-made chocolate syrup. I went out and pruned some of the spent perennials, then got into bed to read. The door had to be closed to keep TV noise out so I could concentrate. I used to be able to read through anything! Sometimes people could speak directly to me when I was reading, and I wouldn’t hear them. But now, it can’t be done. It’s too bad because if I could read while the TV’s on, we could pretend we’re spending time together in the evenings. We’d at least be in the same room. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Emil knocked on the bedroom door.

“Can I come in? I’ll keep you company for a while.” And he sat on the bed and chatted till I went to floss and brush my teeth in preparation for sleep.

This morning I discovered Goddamn Dog had pulled the only blooming cosmo off its stem. She appears to be unable to resist the fabric I’ve used to tie them to the stake (windy on the step, gotta stake tall things), and every few days I’ll find she’s been at it again. I hate her for a few seconds then, but can’t really. She’s too much of a sweetie. I do hope she survives her own puppy behaviour long enough to grow into adulthood.

I’ll pour hot sauce on the fabric now. It seems to be keeping her from chewing the corners of plastic planters, so it’s worth a try.



2 thoughts on “Slow on Sunday

  1. I’m like you with the reading now. I could read at a football match and did. But now? Silence.



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