July Already

bedroom doorRoasted pork tenderloin instead of roast beef … yeah! I got behind that right quickly. Sometimes that fella of mine has the best ideas, given time.

Bev brought five books she’s just finished reading. When it comes to books, I’m blessed with an embarrassment of riches: five borrowed from the library, five purchased at a library sale, and five delivered last night. I’m in heaven.

Your gal here was in her pyjamas and reading in bed by 10:30 or so. But not for long. I was texting Cathy a few words after being out of touch for a couple days, and couldn’t keep my eyes open.

There are Canada Day celebrations in town and I thought it might be a good idea, since it’s sunny, to go to the beer gardens. You never know what old friends you might meet up with on a long weekend in summer, home for the big event. Then I heard the beer gardens are probably held inside the arena, where — I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sit indoors on a warm summer day. Unless it’s too warm. Then being shaded by a roof would be appealing.

As usual around here, we’ll talk about it but be unlikely to do it. There is always farm work to be done. And truth be told, I’d probably enjoy a cold beer far more on my own back step, listening to and watching all the birds.

I haven’t seen a woodtick for several days. Could it be the phase is over? Nevertheless, I continue the daily slathering of Laura’s lemongrass lotion because next it will be mosquitoes that need to be held off. It’s been quite dry here so we haven’t seen many, but that will change. It always does.

It’s soon time to tackle last night’s supper dishes. They’re all stacked neatly into and beside the sink, waiting for me. And I don’t mind at all; after all these years, I’ve come to enjoy doing the dishes, if you can believe that. Except that it’s pretty much perfect out in the yard right now — not too hot, not too cold — and I’d rather be outside.

The cosmos need some fertilizer because the blooms are tiny, like they were last year, instead of the large beauties they should be. Or could it be there are ants living inside the pots? I’ve only seen one but it could be an indication. Sigh. I miss those huge cosmos; they’re among my favourites.




2 thoughts on “July Already

  1. OH! Could ants be why Damn Dog was always at the pots?

    Baby back ribs in the slow cookah.

    Cooking 101 for Two.


  2. I just had a new books by mail delivery from town and a gift of a few others. Need a whole day reading. Soon.
    I have cosmos growing in my community plot. Didn’t think it grew out here on the rock. Thrilled I am.



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