The Kind of Shopping I Like

tiny teapot Do you think I have enough teapots? I found the small one at a garage sale on the weekend; just right for one person — moi. It doesn’t match, but so what.

Last year I attended a minimum number of garage sales. There is nothing we need.

This year I decided to attend them all because you never know what you might find that you forgot you wanted. Like that little teapot.

Not that “all” is a lot. Not in Wadena! There are a few in the spring and that’s about it. I screech to a stop, and browse. So far this year there is only one sale that I left without purchasing a thing.

I have bought colourful oversized scarves for $1 each. I’ve bought extra-large long-sleeved men’s T-shirts to wear to bed, for $1 each. Since Damn Dog recently chewed up the double lawnchair, I bought a single for $2, like new. You can be sure it won’t be forgotten outside; a lesson learned the hard way. I also got a pair of high-top Sorels for $5 (big expenditure!); spares, because you never know when you might need an extra pair of dry boots.

Sometimes there are items I don’t need but can’t resist. Like this bowl. I have 10,000 bowls; what would I do with another one? Had it cost $1 it might’ve stayed there. But no, it was marked 50 cents. The secret to selling your garage sale items so you won’t have to pack them indoors again is to price them low low low. I’ll pay $1 for a top that I’m not sure will fit, but I won’t pay $2 for it. Psychology of the cheap people; apparently I’m one of them.

I thought the bowl might make a pretty catch-all next to the door, for keys and such, but for the moment it has a home on the piano.

The oriental poppies are on their last legs and the wind has buffeted the flower garden. I went through and clipped off the painted daisies that were bent low behind plants in front, and put them into a vase. (Faye, I need a lesson in flower-arranging, as you can see.)

painted daisies bouquet

But aren’t they pretty?



16 thoughts on “The Kind of Shopping I Like

  1. The painted daisies are pretty! Yard sales, we frequented them when we first bought Mist Cottage, to get ourselves setup and relatively comfortable. Now we do not need much of anything, but I have a list of things I would buy if I found them at a reasonable price. One is yarn for my crochet projects, another if a cast iron dutch oven for the camp fire. I may never find these items, but looking is oh so much fun!


  2. Kate, we have a cast-iron dutch oven for our kitchen, I love it, it was a 60th birthday present from my sister. I braise steak or a small roast in it, fill it up with vegetables, add some water, put the lid on and hours later take off the lid, make gravy with the liquid and serve it up, a one pot meal. It can simmer on a very, very low heat the whole day long.

    I like it so much that I want another one for the campfire, so that in the bush I can set on or over the coals and do a roast meal in the bush. Of course, once it has been over a fire the soot on the outside would be a misery to clean off, so I won’t use the one at home over a camp fire.


  3. I think your lovely little candy dish is a Norwegian collectible. Worth about $25, maybe?

    (New addy. Just because I wanted something new and this is what I can afford). /s


  4. Downsizing me has stopped the fiendish hunts at garage sales and thrift shops. I think I’m ready to not quite zen out but become more treasuring of each tiny item that makes the cut.

    I can dream of this new me, can’t I?



  5. I gave up my cast iron because it’s so heavy on my hands, and back, bending over to lift a filled burning hot pot. I sorted through all my pots and pans and kept only what was lightest, most versatile and easy to clean. Ergo, Cuisinart. Two Dutch ovens, one saute pan, two small pots, pudding pots I call them, because that’s what I use them for: cornstarch chocolate pudding, or rice pudding.

    I always wanted one of those colourful cast iron ceramic Dutch Ovens. But the PRICE, apart from the weight! Aren’t they beautiful though?


  6. Can you remember the days when candy was offered in a delicate dish, “oooh yes, I wlll” taking one piece and savouring it. As if. Can you even buy candy in less than 500 gr bags now, those considered “small”.


  7. I think those little decorative dishes with a few candies were for the ladies during bridge. Of course ladies only had one. Duh.

    I bought Peonies this week.. Divine scent lasted about six days.


  8. Marms,
    In town the peonies have already been blooming for a week. Out here under the oak trees, it’ll still be a while before they do. Won’t be long for some of the roses though … amazing when you consider how cool and windy it’s been.


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