Travelling Journal Stays Home

front cover145

Some people do artwork and/or writing into a travelling journal that is meant to return to its original owner. At the time I started one myself, none ever had. The same happened to mine. It was received via mail by about five people after me, and they each contributed pages and reported back on its progress. It had developed into an impressive work of art, I was told, and I looked forward to seeing it again.

But I never did.

Along the line, the person it was sent to went AWOL. She could not be reached by telephone. Letters of enquiry mailed to her address went unanswered.

Somewhere, perhaps, the book sits on a shelf, bulging with the artful treasure it contains.

Some time ago I decided to try it again, and asked friends who wanted to participate to send me their names and mailing addresses. I made a list, which languished while I never got around to purchasing a blank book to start in. Recently a friend gave me a blank book … a kindly kick in the keister! … and I did some cutting and pasting from graphics I’ve collected because I love them so much I can’t put them into the recycling. I guess that’s my art, whatever it’s called.

back cover146

Now that it costs so much to mail a small book, however, I’m not going to send the travelling journal out this way. It will have to travel hand-to-hand, if at all, as I don’t expect anyone to shell out $10 or more in order to send the thing on, particularly as even a small book like this tends to get heavy as it makes its way from artist to artist. Last time, I made a pocket inside the back cover and put cash in it to pay the postage forward. Apparently participants had added to it and there was a wad of cash there when the travelling journal arrived in California. But it didn’t matter … somebody kept the book … could’t bear to part with a thing of great beauty, I like to think (rather than that her house burned down with her and my book inside it) … and that was that.

If you were on the receiver-list for the most recent travelling journal, this is the reason it hasn’t come your way. It’s only gotten as far as my camper … the closest thing we have to the screened-in veranda of my dreams.

At the top of this page is the front cover, which originally was solid black, and the second scan is the back. A few things have been added to the inside too, but I don’t feel quite done with it yet.


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