Sadie Finds a Treasure

Last summer, or was it the year before, a deer was struck and killed down the road. For two full days its body remained untouched in the ditch. On the third night we heard a pack of coyotes gleefully celebrating as they feasted. A day later, nothing was left but some bones and fur.

When we walk past, the dogs still take a great interest in the spot where the body lay, and yesterday Sadie trotted out with what appeared to be a rib.

“What have you got?” I asked. “Show me!”

She did, but made sure to keep enough distance so that I couldn’t take it away from her. Not that I would, but she was taking no chances.

Dirty girl.
She gets herself clean every night though.
You may note that she appears to be moulting. She’s lost most of her beautiful winter coat, and now looks like a much smaller animal. She needs a good brushing. The woodticks are still plaguing her, as if the medication doesn’t help at all, and many are picked off her each day.

The mousetraps seem to have done the trick when it comes to keeping her out of my plant pots. The traps don’t even have to be set anymore, and they’re not because I worry about a bird or Duckie getting hurt. All I have to do is lay the sprung traps on top of the soil.

But yesterday I had to give her shit again because she chewed up the folding double lawn chair I’d left outside after a bonfire, thinking maybe she wouldn’t bother it, having seen us sitting in it enough times. Ha. Will this never end?

Of course it will. Deep breath. Patience.

I’ve put rocks in the pots on the steps so that they’re heavy and can’t be knocked over in passing. Rambunctious dog.


6 thoughts on “Sadie Finds a Treasure

  1. Oh I remember those days, when a dog would bring me home a rotted moose nose or a femur. So proud of themselves. Look see my gran was a Wolf. Wolves in my line. Don’t mess with me. This could be you next time.


  2. Marms,
    I was on the lawn tractor yesterday when she trotted in with a cow skull she’d found god-knows-where and set it down right in my path so I couldn’t miss it. Mighty hunter indeed.


  3. I was thinking this morning about your mouse traps. Slightly ot but I think I may pick some up. I have a realy nosy landlord who whenbever he’s in my suite wanders around picking things up, or turning his head to read (whatever) or stands in front of my shelves examining everything.

    High winds, blue sky and cirrostrattus northeast.


  4. He’s about 40, mommy handled it all until she passed away last year, but yes, he is trying to get up courage no doubt, to raise my rent and other incentives to force me to move out. It’s pathetic really. I could have six like him sobbing before I’d had coffee.


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