Beginning of Week

If you’re nervous around bees, you could not sit out on the step with me this morning. The caraganas have finished blooming, but the lilacs are in full flight and there is a row of them along the west side of the lawn, as well as an incredible Korean lilac next to the step. chilled white on back step

And the buzzing is loud. I consider bees to be welcome friends, and have no worries.

It’s not wine I’m drinking now, just black coffee. I’ve already strolled around the yard and down the driveway with my spray bottle in hand, killing all the tent caterpillars I spot. They are in my three oak trees, doing damage. I can’t reach the high leaves, but am doing what I can. It’s interesting how you can be looking right at the worms and not see them for a moment; they blend in so well.

It’s to be a hot day. All but two of my bedding plants are in their pots. “Just give us a home,” they said. “Put us where we’re going, and we’ll thrive.”

I love that feeling when they’re sorted.


I only came into the office to check email and look at the calendar, make sure there isn’t some place I have to go. But no, I’m free till Thursday, when there’s a mammogram appointment at the travelling bus in town, and a house concert at a friend’s farm in the evening. Can’t even bake bread today because it will heat up the house. That’s okay because I was digging in the deep freeze last week and found four or five loaves buried under a box. Bonus!

Back out I go. Another cup of coffee awaits.


4 thoughts on “Beginning of Week

  1. The part of the post that grabbed me was “house concert”. There’s nothing I like better


  2. Teresa,
    Yes, isn’t it great! A bit of heat, crazy birdlife, and my perennial bed has begun to bloom.
    As for the mammogram, I don’t find them too tough, being “blessed” with soft-tissue boobs instead of hard-tissue. Ha! Except for the first years of boobage, the only time they’ve ever been particularly firm was when I was on The Pill and they swelled up like watermelons, and when I was nursing babies. Many women find mammograms painful, but I’m not one. For me they’re only a bit uncomfortable at moments. And of course there’s no way there could be any negative findings, right? Right. I don’t even consider it, and won’t unless … unless.


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