Doc-ski-chuk-nuggit – A Video from South Africa

“If I go to Yorkton, do you want to come along?”

Usually I say no thanks, as I already have an agenda for the day. But that wasn’t the case yesterday — after all, laundry can always wait. So we hopped into the Big White Bus (the truck I practically need a ladder to climb up into) and headed south, stopping in Foam Lake for lunch and then turning east on Highway 16.

There were salt blocks to pick up for the farm, and a grain sample to have tested, and then we both needed to do some shopping. For that we went our separate ways at the mall; I found two pairs of Clark’s sandals, having been unable to locate what I wanted in Wadena. My black corduroys are toast, worn right down into holes, and I’d like some black jeans, but oh how I hate trying on clothes in stores, and so I flipped through racks and shelves but didn’t go further than that.

And then … there was a huge greenhouse right there … well I had to go look, at least, didn’t I? And they had cosmos and wave pansies and I couldn’t pass those up. But I only bought one pack of each, so there. That’s pretty strict. They are among my favourite flowers and I was thrilled to bring them home and set them out with the little red wagonful that is hardening off in the front yard right this moment (after spending yesterday in the dark Quonset because it was windy and I wouldn’t be here to keep an eye on them and also on Goddamn Dog, who twice has taken a flower pack from the wagon and lain down to chew on it).

Since it was a last-minute trip I wasn’t able to organize a quick visit with my fiery redheaded cousin Jolene, who had plans of her own and was on the go. Darn it.

His Manfulness and I were both yawning all the way there and all the way back. It was an early night.


There’s a flat tire on Little Green so it’s going to be pumped up in order to drive to town for a repair job. I’ll go impose myself on SonnyBoy while I’m there, as it’s his day off. He hates to tell me when that is, for I’ll often stop in at his place then and put a dent in his plans. Heh! Tough noogies, I say. It’s a mom thing. All he’s doing is playing videogames in his dark, curtained rental house, but on a day off he can do it without interruption … unless … Mom. The Mom Invasion! I don’t usually stay long and, though he won’t admit it, he does seem to like his mom a little bit and we have a few laughs.  Or I do. Sometimes he just shakes his head and looks puzzled. The other day I was telling him about scolding the dog while walking across the lawn with my head turned, and smacking into the flower trellis for a climbing rose. I was almost crying as I recounted my sad tale of woe.  He even cracked a smile. He had to; you have to when someone’s laughing that hard, don’t you?


Here’s a cool video someone in South Africa made and sent to Doc:


I’ve watched it once or twice and still cannot tell you what the song is about. Doc’s storytelling is exemplary, but within a couple sentences I’m focused on everything but the words. In all songs, all the time. What is that? Poor hearing? ADHD? What? Anyway that’s how it is. If you have a longer attention span than a gnat and can give me a one-sentence plot, please do so. Is that asking too much? I could just sit down and listen to it again — great song, I like it, my toes get tapping, I sing along in bits and snatches — and I will, but right now I’ve got to dip myself into the tub and get ready to go to town. It’s the last thing I feel like doing on this hot, calm day when I could be plunked down here in Paradise instead. Maybe I’ll wear one of my new pairs of sandals, see if I can’t get myself a couple free blisters.


The blue flax is blooming and the columbines have begun to open. The show begins!


12 thoughts on “Doc-ski-chuk-nuggit – A Video from South Africa

  1. TWO pair of Clarks. He’s gonna be sorry he asked you to town. I must say I’m amazed you’re finding them there. I can think of only two stores here carry Clark’s and then never my size.

    About a week ago I found a pair of Teva’s at Goodwill. Oh I scrubbed them with bleach water and then soaked them in it overnight, rinsed well. Not worn before as far as I could tell. Saved $94, as they were $6. Last month I bought Dansko clogs? But had to return for size. Never try on shoes in the morn, if you get swollen feet by 3. Then they didn’t have the size I needed in a style I liked.

    Which town was that with the Clarks? I can extend my shopping radius.


  2. Nope I can’t understand the words either.

    Been listening to Gregg Allman or The Allman Brothers all week. Sob.

    With variation into this guy, new to me. NOT, apparently, related to Bryon.


  3. Marms,
    You’ll come all the way to Yorkton for shoes? I’d look online first, there are bound to be some closer to you.
    I bought my own shoes but do you think I remember the name of the store?
    Anyway I got onto Clark’s when I won a pair upon entering a draw at Schmutzie’s blog, and that was it, I was away! with the Clark’s shoes. A loyal customer ever since. Never let it be said that blog draws don’t pay advertisers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who tried them.
    It was only after I bought these yesterday that I discovered a Value Village right there in the mall. By then I was all shopped out and had lost all interest in “the hunt.” Secondhand prices worth the search though; so many good deals.
    The same blogger got me to try Blundstones, and I now have two pairs.


  4. Well NO. I sould not travel even for shoes. I’m continually intrigued by how far you all travel for stuff. Like potato chips.

    Anyway: Dandelions. I was reading this little mag and lo and behold, they have dandelion coping tips.

    (Redacted expert lol) the city’s waste reduction specialist, said weeds can help build your soil. Consider dandelions.

    “Dandelions have a deep tap root, great for breaking up compaction in the subsoil and bringing minerals (calcium and potassium) to the top soil. They put down a large rosette of leaves, which is living mulch.”

    He explained weeds tell you about your soil. For example, clover means your soil lacks nitrogen. Composting it adds nitrogen to your soil.

    That’s not to say weeds should flourish. Stumpf-Allen grows weeds alongside other plants in his garden but pulls them when they begin to crowd out other plants. If it’s a noxious weed, homeowners are required by law to remove them.

    He advises against mowing weeds. “Mowing dandelions close to the root allows it just to photosynthesize, encouraging it to grow,” he explained. “If you want to prevent dandelions on your lawn, let the grass grow longer, then cut it. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn will create a barrier between the dandelion seeds and the soil.”

    Stumpf-Allen explained soil health affects a garden or lawn.

    “Good soil will resist most problems that come our way. If your plants are struggling, slow and weak coming in, then the soil needs the weeds to build the soil. If the plants are thriving, then your soil is fine,” he said. “Weeds are a gift; we just need to know what the soil is telling us.”


  5. Marms,
    Yes, we do a lot of driving. We have to drive two hours to a hospital that will deliver a baby, even though we have a hospital in Wadena and one in Kelvington, which is about a half-hour from here.
    People have to go to the city for most medical tests; you can get a blood test here and a few things, but ultrasound, MRIs and the like, you’re off to the city. It really sucks for those who don’t drive or can’t afford to pay someone to take them or who have to take a day off work.
    Still better off than most in this world, of course, so I’m not complaining. Just saying that people in rural communities are underserved in many ways. The payoff is that we don’t deal with traffic and such every day.

    I’ll pass the dandelion info on to Scott too. He’s an organic farmer so knows that weeds tell you what your soil lacks or has too much of. I remember reading about an old fellow who let the weeds in his vegetable garden grow as tall as they wanted, and he had the best vegetables. And it’s exactly for the reasons you stated: the tap root brings the nutrients to the surface.



  6. I’m amazed, but not newly so. That’s the way it’s always been in the Prairiee and north. A lot of what you tell me about your life is sparking memory for me.

    Preseently reading how some academic has figured out low-bush cranberry is actually LINGON BERRY and planning how to crop it. Could they just leave us alone? Please?


  7. SecretAgentWoman,
    I might enjoy it more if I had a helper to carry my bags so my hands were free to look through the racks, and to bring clothes to the changerooms so I didn’t have to dress and undress too many times. But even with that … I’m very thankful for the hand-me-downs I receive from my friend Cathy and my sister Joan, because I try them on in their bedrooms. Easy peasy!


  8. to avoid trying on some things always bring a measuring tape,for shirts measure width at shoulders and pants at waist,then you don’t have to worry about how something is sized


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