I Love the Rain

The tent caterpillars have arrived in our yard.

One can kill many, but never all.

Last summer they didn’t do much damage, and I hope we’ll be so lucky this time around.

In moth form last year they clung by the hundreds to the giant doors of the Quonset, and I thought of making a big fire in the yard one night because moths will immolate themselves in flames, will they not?

This year I will build that fire, rain or shine or dark of night.

The last two days were spent watering the lawn whenever the hot sun wasn’t shining directly upon it. It’s as good as doing a rain dance, because this morning it’s windy and wet out there. I don’t mind a break from the heat. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the day. Took meat out to make a stew for my boy (not for me unless Joan makes it, apparently) and besides that I’ll get the laundry done and see where my nose takes me.

I expect Manful to be back in the house before long, as he won’t be able to do more seeding. Maybe we’ll jaunt off somewhere. The world is our oyster!



6 thoughts on “I Love the Rain

  1. Several years ago our city had an infestation of tent caterpillars and they had to do a spray from the air. I always wondered how safe it was. But the caterpillars didn’t stand a chance and we haven’t had a problem since.


  2. Birdie,
    I can understand wanting to do something — anything — to get rid of the little pests. They do so much damage, and only a few birds eat them. There’s a family in southern Saskatchewan who, this year and last, has had them an INCH THICK on their deck. They vacuumed them up, but that barely made a dint. -Kate

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  3. Birdie,
    Take no prisoners! you say.
    Unfortunately we’d be burning up half the trees in the province. This plague is widespread.
    We’ve noticed that where there was a fire in the trees across the road from SouthForks (less than a mile from here), the tents survived and ate the leaves anyway. Can’t figure that one out.

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