Sunday Morning It Sure Looks Fine

10:12 am

I was on the step with my first cup of coffee when FarmBeau came home asking me to follow him to the field. With a quick change from housecoat to a top and leggings, I drove behind him in the grain truck over dusty gravel roads, listening to CBC radio and sipping my coffee from a travel mug.fall oak leaf in spring

It’s a beautiful day, blue sky and hot sun, and he’s asked me to mow the dandelions down again before they go to seed. I’m about to go do that but first I needed some toast and to brush my teeth and have a brief sit-down with my tarot cards to do the draw for today.

Catch ya on the flip side, mes amies! I shall put on my long-sleeved white shirt and wide-brimmed hat to ward off the UV rays, and stuff some foam plugs into my ears in hopes of protecting my hearing from that roaring machine I’ll be riding upon.




It’s pleasant “work,” riding around on the lawn. Meditative. You can see behind and ahead what you’ve done, which is satisfying, as the progress is obvious.

I was asked to cut the north lawn and did the south side as well, and then nicked a hose – dammit – so it will be one more thing for him to fix because I wasn’t able to put it back together. Six of one, a half dozen of the other … am I a help or a hindrance?

I’m just in for a drink of water and a pit stop, and am going out to finish a tiny area where there was a hose that needed moving and I didn’t want to get off the machine for fear of it shutting off. Mind you I know how to start it, so … but still. Once in motion, it’s hard to stop. Hee!grapes

And then to hook up the watering hose and give some of the plants and grass a drink. We’re going to try to drown out the dandelions. On an organic farm you can’t use pesticides even on your lawn; and we wouldn’t anyway. In town your neighbours would be cursing you. Out here we just curse the dandelions.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning It Sure Looks Fine

  1. Yee HAW!

    I think Dandelions are quite beautiful, especially seeing an expanse. I realize they may not be desirable, but really, they must have some purpose? Why are all our “official” weeds native plants, and all our cherished flowers are nutrient and fertilizer sucking imports?


  2. Marms,
    We like dandelions in bloom too; it’s just when they seed out that they aren’t so pretty.
    Dandelions make great wine, some of the best I’ve ever had. The roots in the fall can be roasted and ground for coffee.
    Oh but that requires more ambition than I have!


  3. Yes I’ve heard even the small new blooms are edible, but collection beyond me too. I have here some skin salve made from Plantain and olive oil, and see people from the Phillipines picking Plaintain to wrap food in for roasting on the campfire, like one would with banana leaves I suppose. It’s quite surprising the uses most of our ‘weeds’ had for native people. Before someone imagined pharma. As I’m sure you and many of your neighbours know, Saskatoon, High Bush Cranberry and Chokecherry hugely outdo Gogi berries and other expensive imports for antiocidents. I gave up making jam and desserts years ago but do pick the latter two to make a juice, which is medicinal, and also delicious especially with fizzy water.


  4. Marms,
    There is a philosophy that whatever medicine you need can be sourced from a plant that grows wild near you. The book The Standing People by Kahlee Keane identifies wildflowers in Saskatchewan that can be used for various health purposes, and were, by the First Nations peoples in the area. My wildcrafted medicine cabinet is simple: yarrow, rosehips and (domestic) spearmint (from my flowerbed) makes tea to boost the immune system against colds and flus. There are many healing plants right close! I have picked wildflowers (bergamot, mint) for teas in some years, but not recently. Plants are the original medicines, and pharmaceuticals are either derived from them or are chemical copies of them.

    If I get saskatoons or chokecherries this year, I’m going to make liqueur with them. My sister Karen has a simple and delicious recipe.



  5. I’ll spray the dandelions out in the field crops but they don’t bother me in the yard. I just mow them down along with the grass. No way I’d put herbicide in the yard where I walk around.


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