Is This Caroline Engene?

Here’s another old photo in my possession. I’ve set it on my desk, leaning against the computer screen, and been wondering who it is. She looks familiar, and perhaps that’s because there is a family resemblance. She reminds me a bit of my cousin Jolene, but also of my sister Karen.

Lady caroline engene?159

I’m thinking this might be our great-grandmother Caroline when she was younger than in the portrait we have of her. This is Karen holding the portrait:

karen and caroline close

What do you think? Reta?


We’re getting summer. Supposed to go up to 30 degrees today. Machinery and farmers are in the fields all around us.

Bev left yesterday and Doc arrived a few hours later. It was another nice evening to sip wine on the back step, and this morning was just right for coffee out there. The coots are chasing the northern shovellers on the dugout, the redwinged blackbirds are attacking the merlins that come near the water, geese are flying over in Vs, robins are scuffling on the lawn, goldfinches are winging past … and the back step is a perfect vantage point.


I’m off to town for a couple hours, got several things to do and will leave Doc here to attend to his office work or enjoy some time alone unless he wants to ride along.


8 thoughts on “Is This Caroline Engene?

  1. The clothes in these old photos always make me scratch myself.

    Can’t even imagine the tightness

    Definitely a resemblance.



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