Perfect Night for a Fire

The wind died down and the sun came out and we hauled the fire thingy from the barn and made ourselves a little bonfire. It was a real summer evening, minus the mosquitoes-in-droves. We listened to ducks, geese, coots, owls, soras, snipes, song sparrows, goldfinches, wrens, merlins, ruffed grouse (beating their wings) and heaven-knows-what-all other birds that couldn’t be seen. The barn swallows had returned and they swooped past us now and then as they filled up on flying insects for their supper.

The frogs began singing when it got dark, and before long we came inside without hearing the coyote chorus start up.






Birdie asked for a photo of SadieSue’s bottle collection. The mutt has dug a sizable hole beside them, as you see in the second photo. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that she doesn’t bury all her treasures.










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4 thoughts on “Perfect Night for a Fire

  1. Your daily adventures always give me a pick-up in the morning. Going to be on the road for the next 6 or 7 days as we calmly and curiously wend our way to the southern coast of Portugal.


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