Everley’s Party

I had a lot more energy when my kids were young than I do now, and the child’s birthday party Bev and I went to last week was a reminder of how things have changed. So much so, that I looked at my niece, who has two little ones to look after, and couldn’t recall if I had ever put that much effort into any social gathering at our house. I don’t think so.

Her youngest was turning one and my niece threw a bash that she must have spent a lot of time on: the house was decorated, there was a mouthwatering buffet, a fancy cake, and she even made a pinata for the kids!

Here my nephew holds the pinata while his eldest daughter takes a turn giving it a few whacks.


I believe there were about 15 kids and 20 adults there, something like that. It was a houseful; but they have a big house so it wasn’t crowded.

The kids had noisemakers to blow into — they were having a wonderful time! — and two hours were enough for me. We said our goodbyes and left with full bellies and a box of bedding plants that Karen had brought for me: snapdragons, lobelia, and a geranium she’d started from seed this spring.

I swore I’m not buying any flowers this year because Goddamn Dog cannot be trusted not to dig them out of the pots. I haven’t been to a greenhouse. The vegetable garden has been plowed but all that is planted in it so far are half a dozen empty glass cooler-bottles that the dog has found somewhere and piled together in the middle of the garden area. Doofus. Apparently she’s a collector.

It’s my hope that when some cattle are brought over to pasture here for the summer, she’ll think of guarding them as her “job” and stop all this pain-in-the-ass-ery.

For now, since we’ve had some rain, we await green grass.

banner bales in spring

Latest addition: Chicken Wings. See Stubblejumpers Cafe Recipe Collection.


9 thoughts on “Everley’s Party

  1. Kate, funny you mention this incredible party! Our preemie twin Grandbabies are turning one soon, and my daughter and her husband are having a huge birthday party for them… family and friends, it sounds like there will be dozens of people there, my son-in-law is from a very large family, and he and my daughter also have a lot of friends. I am very happy that the Grandbabies are having a celebration, but this is overwhelming. I never had a birthday party as a child, so this huge party just has me shaking my head, but of course I am saying nothing, it is their call. The Grandbabies won’t even remember it. I guess my daughter and son-in-law are going all out celebrating their long, long awaited children, and the fact that the two preemies who were in NICU for 6 weeks are turning a happy healthy one, certainly a reason for celebration.


  2. Maggie,
    I think it was my niece who mentioned that nowadays parents “go all out” for kids’ birthday parties — more than most of us ever had! I spoiled my kids on their birthdays with cakes and gifts, but big parties, no. Still their birthdays were special occasions. Emil got a plane ride from Edmonton to Calgary on his sixth birthday and still talks about sitting in the cockpit with the pilots.
    Little Everley won’t remember any of her first birthday party but it was an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, and that’s what it’s all about.
    I don’t have the inclination to throw parties; all the planning and prep would just stress me out. There’d be no joy till it was over and done with! What a Scroogie.
    Are you going to your grandbabies’ party? Or will you be satisfied with photos and Skype?


  3. Looks like it was a great time! I would also be overwhelmed by the noise after a short time tho – we must get this from Dad….. i’m used to a pretty quiet house…. neither of the kids were particularly noisy ( except Ben’s first 8 months of colic ( which damn near killed me) and Jordan’s phase of squealing when she was about 4 ….. sheesh. Our neighbours have little ones and when we go there for a visit and the kids are screaming and yelling and whining ( although they don’t whine much – good kids) it just seems that they don’t hear it and I imagine I was the same way with my rugrats…. Gary and I come home and relish in our quietness….. is that just getting older??


  4. Joan,
    It probably is a matter of what you’re accustomed to. Mom said that Dad, an only child, was raised in a quiet household and that’s why we, as kids, had to do our running, jumping, and yelling outside. So it’s no wonder we like things somewhat sedate, particularly indoors. Emil and Everett weren’t loud or jumping around, as I recall, but other kids who came over were — and it drove me nuts.
    Even now, with only we two adults living in the house, I’m used to peace and quiet and don’t enjoy noisy crowds of people for long — even my favourite people.


  5. Kate, we will be in attendance, for a few hours anyway. My other daughter and Grandbabies are all in Amsterdam for the summer, so they won’t be there. Terra’s family is small, just Attila and I coming, and then after we leave, Terra’s birth Dad and the step-Mom. We chose the early shift, before Sunny and Sky get worn out by all the excitement. I plan on showing up on their doorstep next week sometime with a little gift or two, and a wee sweet treat for Sunny and Sky, that will be the main event from my point of view.

    Attil and I have promised ourselves a trip to the Camp the night of the party, so that we can unwind in the bush for a day to recover!


  6. Maggie,
    A day in the bush sounds just right!
    It seems to be warming up here today, so I’ve opened up the camper and have my fingers crossed that the wind will die down enough this evening that we can have a fire.


  7. My kids are 19 and 21. My nieces are 5 and 12. My sister is only 3 years younger and I am and quite honestly, I’m pretty sure I would get stabby if I had small children now. (I’m 46.) There is a reason we go through menopause.

    I laughed at Goddamn Dog. My cat is The Ungrateful Bastard. I just spent $1400.00 on him. Not even an acknowledgement of thanks. Harrumph!

    Where is the dog finding cooler bottles? I have never heard of a dog doing that. What happens if your u move them! I would love to see pictures!


  8. Birdie,
    I laughed at “stabby.” That is the best word.
    I’m told the cooler bottles were in the tractor shed.
    Bev’s been saying we should train SadieSue to collect bottles for a living.
    Last night we had a fire and during the night she took each block of wood from the little wagon and carried it to the lawn where she could chew on it.
    Nothing can be left out if you want to ensure its safety. Lawn chairs came into the porch.
    I’ll go out and take a picture right now.

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