Feeding Frenzy

Bev made a fabulous FRUIT DIP (recipe added to my collection; just click on that ol’ linky-loo there), which helps, because none of the fruit is sweet. Is it the time of year, or do we blame this on our local grocery store, or what?

fruit salad

Don’t ya love it when friends come to stay and decide they want to create something delicious? Last night for supper Bev made a shrimp/pasta dish with a sauce of lemon juice, chicken broth, and chardonnay. I’ll be keeping that recipe too.

I was just saying to her the other day, “Can’t you stay forever?”


While I’m on the food wagon here, anyone care to guess why sometimes my bread dough is way too soft? I always use the same ingredients (brand of flour, yeast, etc.), the same measurements, and virtually follow the same method, and have done so for umpteen years. Why then, oh why, are there some batches wherein the gluten (or something) doesn’t develop or … god knows, I’m guessing here … and the dough just isn’t right? I’m hornswoggled.

The bread turns out okay; perfectly edible. But it’s the shits to handle the dough and shape it into loaves, and then sometimes it doesn’t make an impressive arc above the top of the pan.

Today’s batch looks good though — somehow. I haven’t sliced into it yet. One loaf is the sampler; ya gotta have one when there’s bread fresh and warm from the oven. The rest of the batch is spoken for by my best customer, Everett Schneverdnatsee. Excuse me while I go cut a piece and slather it with butter. A dirty job, but somebody’s gotta …

bread for ev




8 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy

  1. Send Bev this way. If she is interested in being loaned out
    I don’t know much about bread but I know temperature and humidity play a roll.


  2. Birdie,
    I know, right? I’m doing my damndest to convince her to stay longer. It will be a sad day when she goes home.
    Fortunately I’m getting some other company that day or the next, to help assuage the loss!

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  3. I remember the days when we used to announce them: Company’s here” or “Company’s coming” or just “Mom! Company”. Because people just dropped in. No invitation, no calling first and asking, just knock on the door. Of course people then were not slouching around in pjs. No, you were always dressed and “decent”.

    Do tell us about your next “company”. What a concept!


  4. That bread does certainly look good. I’m going to say the weather and temperature as to why it tends to differ.


  5. Marms,
    I don’t mind when people just drop in; the concept of having to call first was unfamiliar to me until I’d left home and met people who were snarky if you knocked on their door when they weren’t expecting you. Different strokes!
    Our next company is a travelling minstrel who is not shy about having his picture taken, unlike Bev (“Not when my hair looks like this!”).


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