Camper Season

Bev and I are camper-lovin’ gals. Give us a camper to sit in and we’ll be there. I have an old camper that is parked in the trees, and come warm weather I give it a sweep and wipe its surfaces and carry my “scrapbookin'” stuff out there for the summer. I’m not a serious scrapbooker but I do love images of every sort and tend to collect them. This way I don’t have to gather everything up when we need the surface in the house. It’s all there for me on the camper table when I have a minute or two to spend out there.

These photos were taken from my bench seat as we chatted in the camper the other evening:

The two lemon pies I made yesterday were dismal. The crusts had to be rolled out twice because they tore, so that would make them tough, I imagine, although there was no way to tell because the filling didn’t thicken. We had bowlsful of “puddin’ pie” last night and they tasted okay, but the dog is getting a treat today. Not a healthy one, but … she’s a dog, she’ll love it. I think.

Tomorrow she’ll get the other one.

It turns out the fillings were quite old, so that may have been the problem. Also, I need a lot more practice if I want to be a pie-gal. Do I really? Nope.



8 thoughts on “Camper Season

  1. did you make your filling from scratch?we have so many lovely lemons here in the winter.they say if you stir the filling too long it wont thicken lemon pie was dads favorite


  2. Soapboxpulpit,
    No it was a store-bought powder.
    I stirred it for 10 minutes and then thought maybe it would thicken when it cooled.
    Karen said if you stir it too FAST it won’t thicken.
    I stirred constantly, as directed on package, but not fast.
    Lemon pie is one of my favourites too. Also pecan … mmmmmm.
    Did I hear it’s your birthday? Hope you’re getting spoiled then!


  3. It is a good thing that I don’t bake. Because I would eat all of it. And lemon pies are one of my favourite. Bumbleberry too.


  4. Teresa,
    Unfortunately they weren’t yummy! Too runny.
    Nice to see you here. Sometimes when I visit your blog, I can’t get the page — it asks me to sign in first and I don’t know how or why. Other times it opens right up.
    So I hope all’s well in your neck of the woods, and I’ll try again to read. -Kate


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