Deep Sweep

The poplar leaves are out and Bev is here till the end of the month. I’m drinking more coffee and wine than usual. Last time she was here, her friend left some of that International Delight (i.e. plastic), so I’ve been treating myself by adding it to my coffee these days. Just till it’s gone. I’ll never buy it because it’s too tempting, like all bad habits.cropped-coffee

Bev has recently discovered she has the ability to dowse, and has been practising on her friends’ homes. The dowsing rods indicate where there are ley lines going through houses, adversely affecting human health.

We have one going through the top half of our bed, which, according to information about geopathic lines, may explain why we are frequently complaining of neck, head and sinus conditions.


I’ve made another webpage to practise different layouts and designs using free templates. This is fun but time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. Consider yourself alerted: one day you’ll come here and think you’ve landed in the wrong place.


Some routine is good for me. Baking bread on Mondays, doing laundry on Tuesdays, changing bedding on Fridays … that’s about as far as it goes: one “big” job per weekday, accomplished, and my life seems to be in order. All the other daily doings easily fall into place: sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, making supper, feeding the cats at the barn … the walks in spring glory, the birds calling all around the yard.  Thinking I may make Wednesday a bake-something day; Bev came bearing a shitload of pie fillings, knowing I bake but not that my pie crusts aren’t great. Tomorrow I’ll tackle making some pies anyway. My crusts may not be flaky but you can’t go far wrong with a pie, can you? The mess of it is the worst one can do.



When these were handed to me by my knight in shining armour, I felt like a little girl wearing my flounciest dress.


hands coffee cup

Bev’s just finishing her coffee and it’s a beautiful day. Time to get moving.


ps Do you ever get ideas for things to write about and then never write them? I do, all the time. I’ve decided to (when I remember to write them down) use them for blog titles. Today’s is the first one. It came about as I was sweeping the laminate flooring one day. There are cracks between the narrow planks, and when I draw the broom across them horizontally, what I hear reminds me of the sound made high above by sandhill cranes flying over. Don’t ask me how I got to “deep sweep” from there. Probably something to do with telling myself I don’t have to sweep under every damn thing each day. Once a week will have to do.


8 thoughts on “Deep Sweep

  1. “We have one going through the top half of our bed, which, according to information about geopathic lines, may explain why we are frequently complaining of neck, head and sinus conditions.”

    I wonder if Scott’s facility for catching bad colds is related to this. I like your routines, you are more organized than I am… I feel a little guilty about that having grown up on a farm… but I’ll get over it!


  2. Maggie,
    Don’t go thinking I’m more organized than you. I am creating some weekly routines because otherwise I forget what day it is sometimes, what with not going out to work. I realize this is a luxury … and I do love it … and shall enjoy it while it lasts.


  3. Yes, I often don’t follow through on a blog idea.

    Some time ago, I stopped putting milk in my coffee so that I would never be dependent on it and get stucks somewhere having to use artificial creamers, which I really don’t like. Now I drink it black with just a tiny bit of sugar


  4. I’ve never heard of dowsing. I am going to have to look it up!
    I have to do all my housework on my two days off or it won’t ever get done.


  5. Secret Agent Woman,
    When I started drinking coffee, my parents drank Maxwell House instant coffee, black. I still like mine black, but have had bursts of drinking it with honey and cream … and it was good! But I never stuck with additions. -Kate


  6. Birdie,
    All housework except the absolutely essential was woefully delayed whenever I was working, because I so cherished my time off that I didn’t want to start chores for fear of going from one to the other to another until the day was done and I’d had no R&R.
    You may have heard of dowsing in relation to wells; it’s called water-witching sometimes.

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  7. I had more routines when I was working, and I always had some activity, folk-dancing or something. Fourteen years into retirement my routine is to wake up thankful and see what happens


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