Trip to Town

“Do you want company?”

It’s late afternoon and there’s some business to attend to in Wadena. It’ll take about an hour and I’ll be content to sit in the truck and read while it gets done. Also, I’m hankering after a drive through the countryside … one of my favourite things.

Our first stop is a mile south at SouthForks, my inlaws’ farmyard, where there are things to load or unload. I wait a couple minutes in the passenger’s seat and we’re off again.

The land is finally dry enough for the farmers to get into the field with their tractors, so there’s one in every direction you look. It’s a “beehive of activity” out there.

tractors in fields

In town, we pull up to a building and I roll down the windows. Enjoying the warm breeze, I pull Paula Fox’s memoir, Borrowed Finery, out of my purse. Wow, what a writer! I’m drawn right in, and only look up when a vehicle drives down the alley we’re parked next to, or kids walk past on their way home from school. The long weekend (Victoria Day here in Canada) has begun, too, which means “Camping!” across the country, and travellers are pulling into the local site to make their evening meals and rest for the night.

camper pulls in

Of course when you live six miles from town, you never do just one thing and come home again. Heck no. We stop at a garage sale and I spend $9.50 on a few small items including a bedside lamp for the spare room. The beer supply is running low so we drive over to the liquor store and replenish our stock. Click to enlarge these photos taken from my vantage point in the half-ton; one to my left, one to my right:

We also get a few bags of groceries at the Co-op; I wait in the truck when a second trip into the store is made for something forgotten.

co-op parking lot

Naturally we have to get the mail too; the photo on the left, below, is taken while parked across the street from the post office. On the right is the highway running east out of Wadena as we hit the dusty trail for Golden Grain Farm, our home, home on the range. Again, click photos to enlarge


6 thoughts on “Trip to Town

  1. You spend a lot of time together, more than city couples do. Just an observation, not qualifying it.

    Also, I regularly drive more than 6 miles to the bakery I prefer, frequently, just for a particular poppy seed pastry, and a shoe store in the other direction one loooong day last week with three detours, and wondering how the sun got behind me? if I was headed home? And there was no company, nor converstion nor scenic shots. And the noise? I bet it’s also alot quieter down there. “Someone” sent me a photo taken near Norquay the other day. I can’t believe so much nothing. Seriously I crave it. People always going somewhere any time of day or night, and noisily about it, takes years off one. And you don’t even know you could be reading a book or hearinng a bird. Instead. Somewhere else.


  2. Marms,

    It seems to me that we spend very little time together! But there you go; all things are relative.

    It’s quiet here but for the birds right now, and then at this time of year there are tractors going in every direction and one can often be heard if it’s in a neighbouring field. There is also some combining going on because the farmers couldn’t get all the crops off last fall; it was too wet to get into the field.



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