Bounty from the Earth

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter (if you wish to, there are icons on the side that will take you there), you didn’t see these photos of the morels given to Scott by a friend who had been out gathering. These mushrooms are considered a great treat; I believe she was rewarding him for some little thing he’d helped her with.

I drove to Kylemore to pick up the mushrooms and, after a chat with Sylvia out in her driveway, came home to prepare them for freezing, leaving out just enough for Scott to have a feed with his supper.

Our neighbour has got his field south of our yard worked up, and there are lots of tractors out on the land this week. Farmers have got seeding on their minds. They’re getting the machinery ready and “chomping at the bit,” as the saying goes.

neighbouring field

Scott needed a ride in at the end of the day so he could leave the tractor there and finish up this morning, which meant a phone call and a request. “Can you pick me up? I’ll be north of I.N.’s yard; I’m going to walk across her field to the road.”

Why shore. I like nothing better than to hop into Little Green and take a short drive out to the field. I’m not kidding. I turned off the burners that were heating up the evening meal, and headed out to bring my sweetiepie home.


3 thoughts on “Bounty from the Earth

  1. Very nice. Spring in the Prairie: your parka in the morning, carrying it under one arm in the evening. Your sweetiepie fits right in here.


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